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Arc'teryx Question

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Is any Arc'teryx gear still made in Canada, or has it all been outsourced to overseas factories?  One of the things about Arc'teryx that was always appealing to me was the fact that it was made in Canada.  But is seems all the gear I am seeing now says Made in China.  Anybody know if any of their garments are still made in Canada?

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So 99% of all their gears is made in china. They still have the capabilities to make some of their 3layer goretex gear and they do all their R&D up in Canada. But for the everyday consumer you will be buying china made goodness.
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A couple of weeks ago I saw this year's stingray jackets and pants in a local shop and they were both Made in China.

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My understanding is that backpacks and that kind of gear are still made in Canada, but clothing in China.

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