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Rocker 2 90 or 92

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I'm desperately in need of some advice as I have been debating which skis to get for a long time. 


I originally had a much longer list of possibilities, but now I have narrowed it down to just 2 skis:The Salomon rocker 90 and the Salomon rocker 2 92. 


I have been researching for a while, but now when it actually comes down to buying them, I am at the difficult part. 


I currently spend most of my time on piste, 50/60%, but I am starting to venture into the off piste and park scenes. In a year or two I imagine that I will much more of a park skier. 


I'm 6'0, 150 pounds and an advanced skier. 


As I'm mostly a piste skier at the moment, I am leaning towards the Salomon rocker 90, but I don't know how they will perform in the park. 


Thank you and any suggestions much appreciated.

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You know what? It is so hard to find a one ski to do it all. If you are in the park doing boxes and rails your going to destroy your edges for the on piste hard snow days. If you are stuck on the Salomon Rocker 90 then buy it if the price is right. Any rocker ski is going whip the tip and tail down on the snow on landing and cause it to de-laminate. Seen it and repaired it time after time.


I suggest get a park ski to trash and a good 50/50 ski for the rest of the resort. Does'nt sound like your a racer so stay away from the race skis.


Have a look at the Rossignol Scratch Open if your headed to be a Park Rat.

Look at the Rossingnol Experience 88 for a true all mountain performance.

And at 6'0 and 150lbs. Dude find the funds to eat and train more. Your going to blow away in the wind. lol


Ski Well!!!!!!

The following is a cheap video made with a cheap camera. Hope you get something from it anyways............

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