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boot flex

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I'm going to be getting a season pass this year and skiing again after decades away. In my twenties I was a professional skier, certified level 2 PSIA, racer, and skiied some mogul competitions. I would ski all conditions anywhere and a lot of extreme off piste. I took up surfing and the profession of a chef, put on a few pounds, and life got cushy. I now find myself gearing up for my first winter on snow since the early nineties. I am looking at boots and am unsure of purchasing soft flex recreational boots, I will probably spend most of my season cruising and worry that I will quickly become dissatisfied with a softer boot. I used to ski on race stock boots that had a flex in the 100-150 neighborhood, should I start back with a mid level boot, or go for something around 100 again?
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Welcome to Epicski!


How much do you weigh?  How tall are you?  What size shoe do you wear?

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235, up from my twenties training weight of 195, 6 feet, 45 years old, 28.5 Mondo 100mm wide, I wear size 11 to 12 shoes depending on the fit.
In skiing I used to ski on race stock wood core skis, my slalom skis were 205cm and my downhills were 225cm. I skied fast and carved my turns. When I switched to surfing I ultimately came to surfing on single fin semi guns, and was comfortable in double to triple overhead waves. Translation I surfed fast and carved my turns.
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You may want to take up snowboarding?  Caution: it hurts like hell when you fall on hard snow!


Seriously, Probably a 120-130 flex would work just swell for you and most companies make these flex indexes in a 100mm last or there about.  Your skis will be a bit shorter these days though my friend;)


Any softer than a 120 and you may be unhappy with performance?  Do yourself a favor and spend the time to find a good reputable boot fitter.

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Yeah, the snowboarding thing... I got my first board back in 84, and had several boards that were design innovations for the time. My favorite board maker was kind of left behind by the industry, Chuck Barefoot. He occasionally builds a few select boards but has never received due credit. I started snowboarding because it was different at the time, but now it seems skiing is different. As for short skis I do question the widespread use of shaped skis. How do we really know that a racer is faster through the course if there is no control group. It seems that a ultra smooth skier like Ingemar Stenmark could be faster than a Bode Miller that is clearly overpowering the short skis. Having watched Miller blow out of World Cup race courses I can't help but wonder if he just had a little more ski...
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Oh and by the way my new skis are Super Gs, a little more traditional.
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I like your comment about a control group but we know the new skis are faster because there was a time when both were used and there were no FIS controls.

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And why would you buy a pair of super G's as your everyday ski?  If you are seriously planning on just cruizing around on a super G, then by all means buy a full race boot again.  Just remember your mind may be willing but your body may not cooperate!!

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bud, i was wondering that too ?????

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Originally Posted by chefkyle View Post

  I used to ski on race stock boots that had a flex in the 100-150 neighborhood, should I start back with a mid level boot, or go for something around 100 again?



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I think what Bus is saying is that virtually all adult boots of any quality flex between 100 and 150 and rec skiing on Super Gs.  Why?



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