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Innovative Ski & Snowboard Goggles for 2013

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I've seen this piece in a few different areas so I thought I would post it. Hey Uilleann, Here are a few new ones for you to look at!                                                                                                                                                      
2013 Smith Optics IO Recon
Smith Optics I/O Recon
The I/O Recon seamlessly blends unmatched optics technologies with direct-to-eye digital data delivered via Recon Instruments' MOD Live display pre-integrated into the goggle. GPS and other sensors precisely track velocity, jump analytics, vertical, altitude and more; data is shown on the unobtrusive Heads-Up Display mini-screen. With Recon's innovative prism technology, data is virtually displayed on a 14-inch screen five feet away. MOD Live also connects to smart phones via Bluetooth to receive texts and caller IDs, track buddies and manage music playlists. Changing lenses is quick and simple: flip the top switches, pop out the lens and replace it with a new one. I/O Recon includes an advanced Spherical, Carbonic-X Lens for optimum scratch and impact resistance and Tapered Lens Technology to mitigate light refraction for clearer vision.
2013 Zeal Optics iON
Zeal Optics iON
New this season, iON integrates tried and true Zeal lens technologies with a high definition camera for a first of its kind goggle. iON's camera shoots 720p and 1080p HD video at either 30 or 60 frames per second with a 170-degree, f/2.8 aperture, wide-angle lens located at the top center of the goggle's frame; it also records sound. Memory includes 64M Nano flash and 8GB Micro SD card. See what the camera sees with an unobtrusive, in-goggle color LCD viewfinder in the bottom right. iON also shoots photos up to eight megapixels in resolution. The camera easily integrates with social media platforms and all controls are glove friendly. The built-in 1200maH LI-battery lasts up to six hours depending on temperatures. From fresh corduroy to narrow couloirs, iON will help you capture and share all of your mountain experiences.
2013 Scott NAV-R-2
Scott NAV-R-2
$125 to $135 (without Recon Instruments MOD or MOD LIVE)
NAV-R-2 is equipped to fit the Recon Instruments Micro Optics Display (MOD) and MOD Live displays to deliver direct-to-eye, real-time data on the mountain. Both MOD ($299.99) and MOD Live ($399.99) readily snap-fit into the NAV-R-2. GPS receivers and other sensors show data on Recon's Heads-Up Display mini-screen inside the goggle including location, temperature, speed, vertical and jump analytics. Data is virtually displayed on a 14-inch screen from a distance of five feet with Recon's innovative prism technology. MOD Live enables users to connect via Bluetooth to their smart phones to receive texts and caller ID info, track their buddies and manage music playlists. NAV-R-2 is built with SCOTT patented innovations including spherical OptiView lenses, No Fog anti-fog lens treatment and Air Control System ventilation
2013 Salomon X-TEND XPRO12 ML
Salomon X-Tend
$100 to $165
Salomon has created a completely new line of high-performance goggles called X-Tend. All 13 X-Tend models feature double-frame construction with three technology patents including: 20 percent greater field of vision with a larger spherical lens surrounded by a narrow frame for a wider periphery; Thermo Control System—large, scoop-shaped air vents that create low pressure zones to draw moisture from the lens and face and eliminate fogging when wearing a beanie or helmet; and Perfect Fit—a flexible membrane between the frame and the face foam that softly adapts to most face shapes. X-Tend goggles are built with a complete range of coatings for every level of light and weather, two families of frames for large or small face shapes, and are priced accordingly.
2013 Oakley Seth Morrison Signature Series Airbrake
Oakley Seth Morrison Signature Series Airbrake Snow
Professional free skier Seth Morrison has skied for more than 30 years and knows what makes a great goggle. That's why Oakley took his input and crafted the Airbrake Snow with the kind of functionality and graphics that Morrison demands. Each pair comes standard with two lens tints. Oakley SwitchLock technology enables quick and easy lens changes as conditions necessitate. The rigid front frame with flexible O-Matter rear chassis minimizes optical distortion and nasal pressure to maximize airflow. Moisture wicking triple-layer polar fleece foam increases comfort. Fixed O-Matter interchangeable strap outriggers provide balance whether wearing a helmet or beanie. Airbrake's dual vented lenses have F3 Anti-Fog technology, optional Iridium lens coating and 100 percent UV light protection. If it works for Seth, it will work for you.
2013 K2 PhotoKinetic Orange
K2 PhotoKinetic
K2's completely new PhotoKinetic goggles with Octic Mirror lenses are made by Carl Zeiss Vision, a world-class lens manufacturer. The lenses are made of a tough polycarbonate and treated with a hard coating for superior performance and extreme scratch resistance. They utilize a unique combination of base lens color and eight-layer dielectric mirror technology to deliver a stylish, performance-driven mirrored lens. This technology also helps to balance out harsh sunlight and glare while enhancing vision during low-light conditions. Ri-Pel exclusive hydrophobic vacuum coating is applied to each lens to further minimize scratching and smudging, expel residue from water, sweat and fingerprints, and enhance overall visibility. K2 designed the PhotoKinetic for maximum compatibility with all helmets, especially its own.
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Interesting, I didn't see Smith's 'Recon' at either the summer OR show here, or at Vision Expo in Vegas last month either.  Select market thing maybe?  hard to believe they'd skip Utah though.  To be honest, my personal preference is for less tech on the mountain, obstructing my otherwise pristine ski day.  However, I know the latest 'thing' is the GPS dongle inside (just always looked very gimmicky to me) and HD cameras ala GoPro and the like.  The rest of what I see here looks like some pretty slick marketing campaigns, but not much that really piqued my interest as 'new' per se.  I'd love to see two or three other manufacturers out there give Smith Optics a run for their money with a viable Rx goggle option, that maintains an easily interchangeable lens system like the I/O, but further refines the Rx insert capabilities and field of view...all while cutting the cost by $75 or so.  Now THAT would wake me up!  :)


Thanks for sharing the latest and greatest all the same.  Have you had a chance to wear any of the above yourself yet?





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No these goggles are all news to me. I have a two year old pair of Smith Optics I/O with two extra lenses so I'm covered. I'll check out the K2 PhotoKinetic for the quality of their Zeiss lens tech. I don't really think I need GPS and HD cameras for my skiing either......lol 


The Recons might just be a new addition to the line at Smith. At $650 I don't see them as a super mover in sales. I would think if a skier felt they needed all those features they'd have them in a separate devises that are the best on the market. I can just hear it... "My goggles are in the shop...... the GPS / Camera is out in them."  lol


Your idea of a Rx lens would be a great one for the nearsighted .......... And I hope I never need them.

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Anyone who pays 250 for Airbrakes is insane, lazy or stupid.


Not to mention it's not a new goggle this year. I paid 170 for mine last year, mid season.

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I am perfectly happy with my Smith I/O's with two lenses.  Green Sol-X and Sensor Mirror.  Covers all conditions.  Two seasons of eye joy so far!  I have a pair of Phenoms as a back up with Gold Sol-X and sensor mirror also.

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