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Enjoyed Lionel's first cyclogenesis propheteering session, they do a nice job. But with eccentrically great east coast weather ski tour expert LH aside, will this possibly be some kind of violent sledgehammer puppet maestro or evil heavily cloaked giant spinning wizard?? Sounds Bad for people in places. Unfortunately, I'm no longer a person if this thing hits.
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I've heard some crazy stuff about the Sandy and the cold front colliding.  Makes me wonder how much rain/snow will drop on the East Coast. 

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CNN is talking about 1"/hr inland for between 12 and 36 hours!  They also mentioned between 1' - 3' of snow.  Baseless, bottomless, and probably powerless.  


Hang on everybody back East and tie the boat up to the porch.  Good luck and good vibes to you all.

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Accuweather has this:


— mostly for the Appalachians.




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