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Boot lifters in PA

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Hi all


I am looking to get some work done on my Lange RS 130's. I want to get 4mm lifters fitted, does any one know of a place or someone who can do that...or do I have to drive upto VT?


I am in SE PA.





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Here's an EpicSki boot guy in your area: (from the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum)


Billy Kaplan
Performance Pedorthics, Inc.
1753 Bridgetown Pike
Feasterville Pa 18966
215 760 8226
800 283 2370

Why don't you you contact him and see if he can help you?

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Billy Kaplan does absolutely superb work with both planing and lifters.


Top recommendation.   

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If you are looking for a fitter yes, billy's the tops

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