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solomon lords

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ok so i am an intermediate skiier 6'1" 160 and im looking for something all mountain that i might take to the park once or twice also ive never ski'd twins before so what would be a good ski to check out im leaning towards the lords but they seem kinda intimidating for some reason

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Salomon Lord is a fine ski, but I don't think they are good at anything in particular. They are NOT twin tip. Salomon Twenty Twelve is more of what you are looking for. 

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what exactly are they good for and quick side note i live on the east coast but take trips to steamboat or squaw valley every other year so would this be good fro their terrain?

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oh and another thing im still growing so i need something that will last me at least two years

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Both Lord and Twenty Twelve are discontinued by Salomon. I skied the Lord at Killington and Breck, they are fine as long as you don't push too hard. They are middle of the pack skis that handle everything, but not too well. They don't carve that well, they don't ski bumps particularly well, but just good enough that you don't feel stressed out. I wouldn't take the Lord to the park. Twenty Twelve on the other hand are much better than Lord in the park, still don't carve well, but do better on softer snow, and twin tip with center mount point.

They both are old technology, the new Rocker2 series replace both skis. On the other hand, if you are interested in a pair of brand new Salomon Twenty Twelve 171, I got a pair for sale. I got the Bushwacker at the end of the last season so I don't need the Twenty Twelve anymore.

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what is your price ...if its right ill take em off your hands

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i kinda need a quick response because i am goin to get some skiis in the next two days so if you want to give em to me for the right price i would be more than happy to take them

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