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Discount Groups (aka Does anyone remember the USRSA card and is there anything like it out there today?)

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So, I'm going to guess the title of this thread gives away my age.


Back when I started skiiing in the '80s, the United States Recreational Skier Association (USRSA) had a discount program for their members. Essentially, it was a punch card where you got 1-5 discount lift tickets (per season) at resorts all over the country and discounts on things like tune ups at sports shops. It was, as I recall, like $45 a year, back in the '80s and '90s.


At that time, I was living in SoCal, by the beach, but was still managing to log about 30 ski days a season. As I got older and more responsible (I got a real job and had a family), my ski days declined until I found myself living in Oklahoma, logging ZERO ski days.


Now I'm in Colorado and the kids are older, so I'm eager to get back to 30 day seasons. That's all well and good, but, since I'm new to CO, I didn't want to commit to a single mountain yet. That rules out season passes. At the same time, I don't want to pay tourist prices, so I'm looking under every rock to scare up discounts. So far I've found some pretty good deals at Copper and Winter Park, but, given that this is Season One for me in CO, I want to try everything.


That got me thinking about the old days. Now I know (well I think I know) that the old USRSA is no more, but is there anything like it around that has discounts at a bunch of resorts? I can't believe there's nothing out there, but I'm not finding anything.


Any ideas?


Mallthus - New to CO and ready to ski again!!!

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A discount card for CO ski areas (not the biggest ones) is the GEMS card: http://www.coloradoski.com/colorado-gems-card which says "Beginning October 1, 2012 visit any Credit Union of Colorado location to pick up your Gems Cards."


It's hard to beat some of the season passes or 4-packs now offered. Some deals for CO can get listed at http://www.slidingonthecheap.com/co/ but they seem to do a lot better at maintaining their CA page.

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I would recommend picking up an Aspen Classic Pass, some 4 packs to Copper/Winterpark and perhaps a Monarch pass.







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Welcome to Colorado, home of dirt cheap seasons passes that cover multiple mountains. The age old dispute of “which mountain should I ski” turns into “which collection of mountains should I ski?


$550 gets you the Epic Pass, unlimited for A-Basin, Keystone and Breck, 10 days shared between Vail and Beaver Creek.

$490 gets you the Super Pass+, unlimited Winter Park and Copper Mtn, 6 days at Steamboat (personal preference)


Combine one of those with the Aspen Classic Pass, the Crested Butte 5x card, or a 4 pack to Loveland and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. 

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Good advice so far...the pre-season pass products are the way to...unless you are only living here 1 season and feel a compelling need to ski every mountain, then you don`t have to try and hit everything this season.  


Not mentioned so far is the Loveland 4 pack (fully transferable, so if you find a ski buddy, you could each ski 2 days or 1 day with 3 friends).  A-Basin usually has a 4 pack also (and sometimes I have seen this offered with Keystone, but I don`t think it currently is).


In addition to the products mentioned above, with 30 days of skiing, you could also consider 1 season pass...the Epic local pass gives you 5 CO mountains and the Rock Mountain Super Pass+ gives you 3.  Some of the other reasonable priced season passes like Loveland, A Basin (and I think maybe Monarch, Wolf Creek or Durango) give days at other resorts.  Look at each resorts website.  One of these could be combined with some of the above mentioned products or 2 for 1 tickets to try out close to a dozen areas which wouldn`t be bad for a first year.  Getting at least 1 multi mountain season pass and combining with some of the other pre-season products is likely to be more economical and efficient than trying to score discounts on daily tickets throughout the season.


Not sure where you live in CO, but driving time and where potential friends ski could make a huge difference in terms of total cost and enjoyment.


Edit- see CO Bills Fan mentioned similar while I was writing/distracted

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Thanks all! Went ahead and got the GEMS card.


I'm probably going to manage no more than 10-15 ski days this season (as it turns out), so the total outlay difference between discounted single day tickets/4-paks/etc and a season pass isn't too much.


By next season, I'm sure I'll have a favorite and then just lock in a season pass then.


Thanks again!

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