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America's newest ski area

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How awesome is this? New York City may partner with Sugarbush to open a ski slope in Queens, with snowmaking and free lessons for kids on the weekends, and sledding during the week!

Maybe this could be the start of a new urban ski trend! I'd love to be able to get some turns in my neck of the woods near Van Cortlandt Park, where apparently there used to be a rope tow many years ago.
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Interesting. Smart move for Sugarbush. Offer some deals and direct more NYC traffic up its way.

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They make snow for sledding in Atlanta.  Certainly will be easier in NYC.

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Hey watch it.  Not only was there skiing in Van Cortlandt Park in the sixties, but I was there, at least twice.  Its a pretty hilly spot.  


There was also skiing in Bethpage State Park in Nassau County--where I never went--and Bald Hill in Suffolk County.  Bald Hill might of actually had a chair lift, I can't imagine why I'm not clear on this memory.   Some people say that Bald Hill is the highest point on Long Island, but I never really researched the point to confirm.  


As for Astoria, it is a place distinctly absent of hills, but what the heck....Is there anything wrong with a seven foot vertical?

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