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I am moving to Big Sky this winter from WI and I am looking to pick up a pair of powder skis to add to my quiver. However, I have my heart set on one particular pair of Moment Bibby's (see pic below). Also I am looking for Marker Dukes (probably larges, but not sure just yet). This is not an immediate purchase, but something I would like to have by April or so. I am just putting out feelers seeing if anyone has a pair laying around (new or used doesn't matter). However, I know that Moment has stiffened the Bibby's in the last couple years and it is because of that reason that I'm not interested in the newer models. Only requirements for Dukes are they better be in good working order. like I said, not an immediate purchase, but a future one. Reasonable offers only, I have to live on resort pay lol. 1000