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Want to buy some new stuff.

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I have always been a very aggressive skier.  Grew up racing top seed USSA, skied AK and Alta many times, etc.  Blah blah, who cares.  I am a very good skier.  Now I'm 40 and screwed.  I want to ski with my daughters age 5 and 7.  I need something relatively easy to cruise with the kiddos and my wife.  I might be able to stomp some turns, but who knows.  I don't need my old 207 super g skis anymore.  (I was planning to get something new this year anyway!  But plans change.)


We will be skiing on crappy MN hills, with some decent skiing in Northern MN and possibly Utah again, but in a different capacity to my old days.   Was thinking of something like the Nordica Burner or the like.  Any thoughts?  I could always step into the system skis like the Blizzard 7.4, Outland, Enduro 800, etc.  


Second Q: My boots are some old Atomic Beta Race Ti 10.50.  They are super stiff and have aggressive forward lean.  Been thinking of something like the Cochise 90.  Am I nuts?  Wouldn't mind a comfy boot with some performance.  Never thought I would consider a 3 buckle boot.  I have also read that the more upright boots are better suited for the modern skis.  Is that sales crap?


I'm 6'2" and holding at 160 lbs.  Was thinking of skis in the 170 or 178 length.





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Crap, I'm sorry. Yes, go do what you love. ALS? The wife of an old friend of mine had that, they actually took their kids out of school and moved to Hawaii for a few months, just to have some heaven for a while together. Hawaii might not be your idea of heaven, but I know it was a profound experience for them. Good luck figuring out what yours is. Someone else can suggest skis. I like my Tecnica Inferno boots, they have 110s, I believe. 

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Sorry to hear the news.

Here's are my thoughts.  Time and expertise is valuable. Go to a trusted store, tell them your requirements.  Have them do the heavy lifting and get you into something good (and at a reasonable price).


I think any of the "all-mountain" skis in the 80-90mm range with some rocker will do you well and be super easy to cruise around with.

170cm-178 looks to be right length too-depending on if the ski measures long or short due to "rocker".  Nobody makes a bad ski anymore.


The list this guy made here is probably the go to list- although as I noted later you can do better on prices.




If you are just cruising around on a smaller hill, do look for ones with maybe a small turning radius, since you can do more of the tighter turns rather than big fast sweepers.  

This being said, If you are an old-school pivot turning skier, try the volkl RTMs, they have "full rocker" and no camber, so can wiggle those around pretty easily, so maybe will seem the most familiar to old-school ski technique.


Regarding boots, and upright-ness, I don't think it's crap.  Because you can get a "good" turn just by tipping new shaped skis on edges, you don't need so much forward lean on them so much to control them.  They can sort of steer themselves and you can just stand on your skis.


Still, when picking boots, remember that should have a very snug fit and NOT be perfectly comfortable in the shop to account for break-in after a few days.   Bootfitter can help you out in person more than we can over the intertubes

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So sorry for your misfortune, could happen to any one of us at any time.

I love the Blizzard Magnum 7.6, good edge hold, but light and easy to ski with your kids as well. 7.4 might be too low end a ski for you.
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Sorry to hear about this.  I can highly recommend Dalbello Krypton Cross ID boots) Intuition liners are fabulous, the boot has adjustable flex(2 settings).  Maybe Pierce Skate and Ski in Bloomington(IIRC) has someone who knows how to fit boots.  Hoigaards might also if they're still in the ski business.  As for skis, I'd suggest something 85-90mm with early rise and camber.  Blizzard Magnum 8.5 Ti, Blizzard Bushwacker, Line Prophet 90, Rossi Experience 88, Elan Apex or Nordica Steadfast.  I'd also suggest moving to SLC if at all possible.  Good luck.

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Pierce and Hoigaards are still around.  Just tried on my boots, and they were pretty nice.  I might keep them and save some dough.  The Cochise 90 just seemed a little soft, and the nicer boots are getting too expensive.


I was thinking of the Blizzard 7.6--my fault.  The guys in the shop were pretty excited about the Burner or Steadfast skis.  Of course, I remember getting perks for selling certain brands back in the day too...


Moving is not really a great option, as we have a great support network and family here.  Thinking about a spring trip to Park City or something like that--well see.  Money is always a concern, even when you don't care.  

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When I was looking for a ~90mm ski last year I had not even heard of the Steadfast.  A guy that I've known for a few years who runs a ski shop talked me into trying them.  I liked them better than the Bushwacker and Prophet 90.

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About the boots.  If they are more than about 3 years old they probably do have too much forward lean for today's skis.  I went from Tecnica Diablo Pro boots to Dalbello Krypton Cross and the difference in forward lean was significant.  I am much more centered on my skis now so I have better control.  But, since you were a racer I think you would find the Cochise 90 way too soft.  You might want to consider Full Tilts, also a 3-piece boot.  The flex can be changed by just changing the tongue.  I almost bought those last year but the shop couldn't give me a good answer about when they could get the tongue I wanted so I bought the Dalbellos and have zero complaints.

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Originally Posted by erik jorgenson View Post

  Thinking about a spring trip to Park City or something like that--well see.  


Or Montana for the Gathering?

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post


Or Montana for the Gathering?


That would be cool.  Big Sky has a great kids program and the skiing should be awesome in March at both BS and Bridger Bowl.

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I'll need to consider Big Sky.   I was thinking Steamboat or Park City due to easy flights.  Looking for a good family spot.  I'm used to thinking the opposite!


I think I'll make the boots work, as they are in good shape and quite comfy.  Maybe some new Kryptons if I get lucky.


The skis are throwing me for a loop.  The Rossi E88 comes highly recommended.  Also the Nordica Steadfast and the 8.0 CA from Blizzard.  Most people are telling me to get a little wider.  Hmm.  Now I have to find those skis in town for a fair price!

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Originally Posted by erik jorgenson View Post

I think I'll make the boots work, as they are in good shape and quite comfy. 


And they have a shiny toe!

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Ugh, that must be hard to handle.  I am sorry to hear it.


As for gear, something in the 90 flex should be pretty solid, I would think. Even if you no longer have thighs of steel, you may still have the technique to get leverage on a boot, but the 90 flex stuff is actually pretty good at holding me where I need to be, so I think you would be fine. That Cochise boot is very comfy yet skis well.


Maybe you should look at something with metal, but not too burly.  LX82 from Kastle? That is a sweet ski.  Outland 80 from Dynastar, Elan Amphibio 82? I like all of those, and each are playful and not too stout, but are going to hold on hard snow.  I also like the Magnum 7.6 idea, or the 8.0 CA. The 8.0 ti is kind of a stiff ski, especially in the longer lengths.

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Sorry to hear your misfortune.


also don't forget to make a stop at joes, they are revamped and have a good select and prices.

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my advice EJJ, make an appointment with dave hinz at pierce skate & ski in bloomington to discuss your new boots.  the time will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss skis since they know an awful lot about cruising midwestern hills. 


And, my recommendation for an easy-going day of skiing with your younguns and wife, consider getting to coffeemill in wabasha, mn, this winter.  despite being kinda small, usually lots of room and pretty peaceful and pricing reflects economies of scale.  feel free to contact me if you'd like details or current conditions for the area or somebody to ride with while visiting.


Finally, thank you for the reminding me to not be lured into taking life and living forgranted.



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Originally Posted by dawgcatching View Post

.  I also like the Magnum 7.6 idea, or the 8.0 CA. The 8.0 ti is kind of a stiff ski, especially in the longer lengths.

Hey dawg, so do you think of those two as similar skis? How would you describe the difference of the 8.0 over the 7.6?
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