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Economy Strikes Ford

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Both Eddie Irvine and Pedro DeLaRosa have been dumped. :
With Sato's finish in Japan it's questionable if Jordan needs Eddie. As far as Pedro goes, it looks like Minardi.
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The Jordan seat is interesting. Do you think Eddie Jordan will do his countryman a favor and sign Irvine? Without a Japanese engine it's no longer necessary to have a Japanese driver to appease Honda. Irvine is an old man by F1 standards and seemed to complain a lot this year about the performance of the Jag. As I understand it, I think Jordan will be using the engines that the Jags used this past season. I really don't think that bolting last years Jag engine into a Jordan chasis is going to make a big difference. Irvine will still have reason to complain. And other than Sato scoring points at Suzuka, his most memomorable moment of the season was being T-boned in Austria. Good luck to the Jordan boys.
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I don't think Eddie's complaint about the Jag was power. Rather the chassis and the aero package. Looks like a tossup to me.
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