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Vail Racket Club Opinions

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Hi All:

Can anyone give me an opinion of, or tips on, the Vail Racket Club?  I know it's about 5 miles from Vail village but will we be missing alot by staying out so far?  We will have a car but it's apparently close to the free shuttle which comes every 15 mins. or so.  I need some better feeling of what it's like to be there if anyone has heard anything helpful. We will be there mid-Feb. for skiing.  Many thanks!

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It's a nice place. You just hop on the bus and it takes you to the transportation center which is by the covered bridge in Vail Village, from there you walk a little ways to the Vista Bahn, or change busses to another free bus that takes you to Golden Peak or Lionshead. We prefer Golden Peak to start out, the bus goes right to the lift and lodge.

There's nothing out there but the Racquet Club has very nice condos and I believe a pool as well.
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So.... do you think most people carry their ski boots and skis until they get to the slopes and then use the locker room to oput on boots?  I really don't like walking alot in ski boots and carrying skis a long distance. 

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That's what we do, I have my boots in a backpack which I just stash under a chair at the Golden Peak lodge, but they do have lockers in the basement. It might be the only lodge at Vail actually.

As to carrying the skis, you'll walk a block or so (or less) depending on what condo you're in with your skis, stand at a bus kiosk and wait. At the transportation center is a very short walk to change busses. If you go to Golden there is virtually no walking there at all. Vail Village or Lionshead has some walking involved.
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