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How to know when you've found the right bootfitter?

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New to the forum, thanks for having me.  A little bit of background and what brings me to "Ask the Boot Guys" here:




Or, in short:


After 10 years of not skiing, I'm looking to get back into it. 


Back when I did ski, I always rented my equipment.  And, while I really enjoyed it, I always had one major complaint: my feet would always be absolutely killing me, sometimes after even a couple of runs here on the east coast in NC--and the runs here aren't exactly long, lol. 


So, I went to a ski shop today in hopes of getting some bootfitting done.


I will say that yes, I did point out that I was indeed looking to get a good deal from a last year model, etc. to the owner.  


He asked what size shoe I normally wore, and if I had to get a wide, etc. in a running shoe. 


Beyond that, he went to the back, and brought out a couple of boxes. 


I tried on a pair of Dalbello Aerro 57s in what I THINK to remember to be a 29.5, but I could be wrong on the size.  I wear a size 11 shoe with a relatively wide foot. 


While they felt better than any rental boot I had ever put on, something still just didn't feel right.  They pointed out that they would "break in" and custom fit to my feet after skiing on them a couple of times.


I said I had never heard of Dalbello, and he said they were the best selling ski boot in the world.  I won't even go there--didn't ask why, didn't care at that point...


I'm going to go up to Boone when I get a chance and try to find a good shop where I can find a bootfitter.  I'm just curious how to know when you've found someone who knows what they're doing.


Budget wise, I'd rather invest in a nice pair of custom fitted boots this season...and even rent my skis/bindings/poles if I have to.  And tell me if I'm crazy for thinking this way.


Thanks in advance for the help,


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Can't tell you everything but you should avoid this shop or at least this fitter.  He never measured your feet, never even looked at them, didn't do a shell fit or any of even the most basic things to properly sell and fit a boot.  Avoid this shop at all costs.


There is a Wiki somewhere on this forum that describe the process we think is correct.  Read it and find someone who can apply it.


I am an 11 almost and wear a 27 that mean 28 is almost a 12 and 29 almost a 13.



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     There is a list of Bootfitters at the top of the Ask the boot guy's section under the heading "Who's Who on Ask the boot guy's." some are on the east coast and a few in the south east---help is available.



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when the boot fitter takes 10-20 minutes asking questions, measusing, and listening to you.


3-6 boots to try on.



read this for more info




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As usual Lou and I think alike.


Return those boots before u ski in them.


The OWNER makes the biggest PROFIT margin on those boots...weird, huh?


Get a good boot and pay a little more. Nothing wrong in getting last years...

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Let's not bash Dalbello company here!  Dalbello is I believe #3 worldwide??  and makes quality boots.  While you may not have purchase the correct size or model, Dalbello makes a boot that will work as well or better than any other manufacturer on the wall.  I have been selling and fitting Dalbellos in my shop for many years and they are an exceptional value compared to most other companies in that their comparable models generally sell for $100 or so less than the competitors.  Now I don't even stock the model you were sold because this is a very low end model and I don't personally believe selling entry level boots does anyone any favors.


13eyond,  good advice above and I would add buy up a bit on boot models, you will be happy you did.  You are correct in splurging a bit on boots vs. skis.  Sounds like you are on the right path, good luck!

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No Bashing here! Owner Bashing...ha!

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