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Anyone know what's going on? It's still on Oct 14th.
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Try this one...

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Or this http://www.f1-live.com

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another: www.eurosport.co.uk

SEARCH for "formula one" (in MOTOR SPORTS).

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Thanks. That site is one I've kind of gotten used to. Hope they're on vacation or something.
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That's the site I use also. They usually don't have much, if any action going on there until the teams begin to debut their cars for the upcoming season.

On a different topic, how about Shang Hai having a 7 year race contract and possibly Bahrain as well. Spa could possibly be replaced by a circuit in the middle east ...and weight penalties. Hey Bernie, put down the pipe!
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According to an article on Eurosports site today it looks like Spa is out because of tobbaco advertising rules.
Weigth penalties suck. Let's not turn F-1 into NASCAR.
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Well, at least I'll still be able to turn laps at Spa with my pc on EASports F1 2000.

Oh yeah, I can take Eau Rouge without lifting. I don't see what the big deal is
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Did you see Villenuve's crash there a few years back? The tub shed everything and went spinning up the track.
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Yeah, I think that was Saturday in 1999. Didn't Zonta total the other BAR in the same place?

The Jordan going up in flames this year approaching Les Combes was also quite impressive. There's nothing quite like an engine letting go at 18000 rpm. I also remember Hockenheim causing numerous spectacular failures. Why they changed a circuit with four 200mph straights into a go-cart track I'll never understand. I certainly can't think of a race that stressed and tested the engine and brakes more than Hockenheim.
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Yeah, Spa is the best track left and now it looks like a goner.
I sent F-1 .com an e-mail this morning, let's see if they answer.
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Spa gone.
New points system.
Race team tactics banned.

Not much of a result.
Spa was a circuit where the drivers were tested (remember Senna & Prost)
And I'm sure you'll see mechanics making "mistakes" in the pits to allow drivers to swap positions.

All in all, not a good day for motorsport, but I'm sure Bernie's made a pound or two out of it.

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Don't worry about Spa. The reason they've lost the GP was because the Belgian Government have banned ciggie adverising three years ahead of the EEC banning it in 2006.
This has been on the cards for a while. They were told a couple of years ago if they don't exempt motorsport at least until the rest of the EEC ciggie adverising ban comes into effect it then they would lose the GP.
Excpect either a Belgian government climb down or a three year wait for Spa to return.
Mr Mosely hinted this in an interview lasyt month.

In actual fact I'm pretty sure the points change will probably cost Bernie a lot of money. More teams are going to get points now and that means they will get financial help on their transport costs.

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The rule changes aren't "drastic". Doesn't sound like it's going to change much.
F-1.com must be dead. They haven't responded or put up any of this stuff. I liked the way their site was set up.
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F1.com now has a message saying that "This site is under redevelopment and will relaunch in Spring 2003 as the Official FORMULA ONETM Website"

I hope they don't change it too much now that F1 is in charge. I liked the way it was organized and found it real easy to navigate.
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I've heard rumours that they are rebuilding the site with a couple of modifications:
1. You can't log in from Belgium - those wanting to do so must move to Bahrain.
2. If you have a fast internet connection (e.g. Broadband, T1-T3), you will be fed the data at a slower rate, similar to a 28.8k dial up modem. This is to ensure that you don't get the information any quicker than people with slower connections than you.

Hope this helps explain the situation.

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