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I am looking for input from folks who have skied both of these models.  I am looking at last year's (2011/2012) model for both as my primary Eastern ski.  I am a relative light-weight at 165lbs., and am not an expert (Upper Level 7/Lower Level 8).  I have demo'd the Magnum 7.6 and liked the compromise they represent for most conditions I encounter, but have not had a similar opportunity to demo the Enduro XT800.


Based on what I have read, it appears the XT800 might be a bit more stable, a bit heavier and probably a little more lively.  Is that an accurate assessment, or am I way off base?  For someone skiing typical Eastern resort conditions, which of these might be more versatile for not only groomed/hardpack/ice, but for ungroomed, glades and bumps as well?  If one is more likely to make a day of going "bell-to-bell" more tiring, I might stay away from that ski.


Oh and ... while I am sure there are many other skis people might suggest, I am trying to limit the comparison to these 2 skis.


Thanks for any help you can provide!