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Modify backpack to help with sciatica

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I have a few backpacks.  I just bought another one that has been fitted to me.

I wore it on a 3 hour hike with 10lbs or less inside and the feel sciatica after I hike.


I'm 50 years female I've lost 17 lbs recently and will loose 7 more.

Run 5 miles every other day and hike at least 1 day on every weekend.

Walking 5 miles on the off days.


I'm thinking of modifying this backpack to prevent sciatic pain after hiking.

Here is a link

The backpack is rated very high.


Otherwise, if I have to sell this backpack and find another one I will.


Any ideas ?

I'd like to be able to hike more than day hikes possible

3 day overnight with weight of 40lbs eventually.  (I know that would be a different



I used to wear a Tough Traveler baby carrier like this one with no problems at all.

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What are  the other hikers with whom you will go are thinking over this? how much do they carry?


knee pain after cycling

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this is a interesting question because sciatic nerve pain is usually caused by a pinch by the intrinsic muscles of the hip. Back problems could  be related to sciatic pain most commonly L4 and L5. if that is the case your pain should be in very specific areas (see pic)
Can you confirm that?

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I had some lower back issues at the same time I was trying to return to backpacking after a 20 year hiatus. I found "traditional" backpacking just didn't work for me and went ultralight (ish). Look into lightening your load including your pack. My base weight is now under 10 lbs.


Here is an example of an ultralight gear list for 3 days.


I carry a few more "luxuries" (like a tent instead of tarp) than that so my total weight is higher but still WAY lighter than the 45-55 lbs I use to carry.

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