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Protecting ski tips

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I have new Line Sir Francis Bacon skis. When going up the gondola, they don't fit very well into the metal caddy and I got a very minor chip last time. What can i use to protect the ski tips so if the lifty (or me) jams them into the caddy, they won't chip the tips?

(Please stay on track, and don't post the obvious "take more care"...I'm looking for physical protection.)

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One ski per holder, not the pair?
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Put protective tape over the top skins. Like the vinyl stone chip masks on the hood of cars.

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if you're going to be adjusting gear mid-mountain, put socks on your skis.   

but yea, if you have a lot of rocker and not flat tails, 1ski/slot.

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I don't know how you'd feel about doing this on new skis but on my older rock skis I coated the tips in a very thin layer of clear resin.  By the end of last season the resin had taken a beating but there were no new chips.

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