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Michael and Rubens

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Watched the last Grand Prix yesterday and feel fortunate to have watched two cars that were perfectly prepared and a couple of the best drivers in the world, all season long. I have been a Ferrari fan since I was a teenager and there have been some lean years so this season was special for me.

ryan, I know I have been a little New York about this team, but they walked the talk. The ponies didn't prance this weekend they stampeded.
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a LITTLE new york?!?!

you've been absolutely Bronxian, buddy.



A stampede season it's been.

Congrats to the Red Team. Pretty much total domination. I hate it but respect it.

Or some such platitude...
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I was thinking about it today, watching Michael is like watching a WC skier racing in a Regional FIS race. The smoothness and speed is incredible.
It's been a great season for the tifosi. There'll probably not be another.(not if Bernie gets his way)
What do you guys think about one kilo per point?
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From the point of view of making it more competitive, I think it's a good idea - they do it in touring cars (30kg for first, 20 for second, 10 for third, as far as I remember) and it does make it more interesting, and give the lower teams a chance to compete with the big boys, but it does reduce the ability of the best to show how much better than the rest they really are.
I guess I'm not sure on it. It might be worth trying to see how well it works.

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Fox, your point is well taken about the best being unfairly reigned in. There is a flip side to that, as you know, with extremely talented drivers being unfairly burdened with inferior cars. Quicker drivers are kept off the podium many times.
Having said that, I'm not sure I've made up my mind on it, either.
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Kilos per point? Gimmie a break... Formula One has always been this way. Someone always dominates and its up to the other teams to catch up rather than to artificially peg back a winning team.
I should point out my opinion however that i detest domination of the kind that Ferrari have inflicted upon the knowlegeable racing punter this season. The last truly great season IMHO was 1988 when Senna and Prost went at it hammer and tongs all year.
And yes I do consider myself both a Ferrari fan and knowlegeable about the sport.
Leave F1 as it is. I'll still be watching.
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I'm reading Smokey Yunick's book and I found it interesting that he considered Michael one of about 10 drivers who are the best of all time.(there was no mention of Jaun Pablo) Coming from a good old southern boy I was impressed.
It doesn't sound like too many other teams are up for "handicapping". F-1 is supposed to be the "ultimate". Lets not turn it into NASCAR where the rules change everytime some one goes a little faster than anyone else. They complained about the USGP but what about the finish to the 500 this year? What about hte Brickyard where Elliot dominated the race only to have them throw a bogus yellow to let everyone catch up. Did anyone see NASCAR at Watkins Glen? They stopped the race with 3 laps to go because of a wreck that would have been a local yellow in F-1. When it restarted they raced one lap under green to the finish. And they call that "racing"? NO THANKS : Leave F-1 the way it 's been. The cream will rise to the top.
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I think in every sport there should be an unlimited class where the best win. No extra weight, air/fuel restrictions unless for safety reasons. Bring back the old F-1 tires!
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AMEN! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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saying there's no mention of JPM is unfair and I think you know it. That could very well end up being like saying Hermann Maier (or Eberharter or Von Gruenigen or Tomba, etc.) wasn't on anyone's "Best Racers" list when he/they was/were early in WC. Of course not, he'd just got there. And neither SHOULD JPM be there; he simply hasn't been in F1 long enough. Let's be a little real here.
Would Bode Miller be on anyone's Best Racers of All TIme list? Of course not. Might he be oneday? I'd say there's a helluva good chance.
(If I've misread your point of view, sorry.)

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Good points. However, the book was written in 2001. JPM owened CART then. In the same paragraph he talked about guys who had a lot of money and got good schooling and breaks because of it. His criteria was someone who could get in the car and go fast right away no matter what. Some of the others were AJ Foyt, Fangio,Senna,the Unsers,Mark Donahue,Dale Eanhardt and Jeff Gordon. His statement was "these guys went fast "rite now"".(he had quotation marks for "rite now" so I double quoted it) Richard Petty was listed as one who's dad financed him until he succeeded. Anyway, that's Smokey's opinion. Mine is that JPM is over rated. He's good, but not like Michael or Senna. He'll be a great driver someday but not in their league.
As far as adding kilos, Herman Maier doesn't have to dull his skis or race in his warm-ups.

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