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Peak Travels Page

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I've been featuring some of our trips over the years through trip reports, mostly video and have come to an agreement to shoot a story on the EpicSki Gathering which will occur toward the end of March, 2013 at Big Sky, Moonlight Basin, and Bridger Bowl.  Resulting from that, we (Peak Video) now have a feature page here on EpicSki http://www.epicski.com/peak-travels and couldn't be more excited to share more of our past, present, and future adventures!  


Please, come check us out!  Currently there is a feature story on Sun Valley on the home page.  In addition to that, you'll see more stories on our sponsor page and yet more on our Vimeo site.  Also, please 'like' us on FaceBook, linked through the sponsor page.  We'll be feeding more as we get them shot and edited.  We're looking forward to another epic season of skiing a variety of resorts and operations and hope you join us as we share what we find.  Let's ski!  

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Bookmark the page, folks. GM has put up a number of outstanding videos by the Peak Productions people that will whet your appetite as we await the spinning bullwheels. 

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I just checked out some of your videos.  That's some seriously good Stoke!

Thanks for sharing. 

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Note too that these vids are featured on our homepage. 

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Thanks, TC and Nolo.  We'll keep putting up new stuff periodically as we head into winter.  Once we start hitting the road for new shoots, we'll put up more current trip reports as we shoot them.  The stuff we have up now gives us some stoke and a chance to reminisce from last season...which was a pretty good season in our part of the world (sorry CO and east coasters!).  Thanks for watching, please leave comments, and please visit our FB page and give us a 'like'.  Thanks!

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