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Junior Race Boots for LIGHTWEIGHTS??

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My son has been racing for 5 years; this year he's a U12.

He's got a growth delay, though, and although he is 11, he is 54" and 60#.

After 4 years, he has finally outgrown the Roche IDEAS & we are searching for a new boot for him.

We noticed a lot of kids last year jumped into race boots but several did not have the weight/power to flex that level of a boot. The end result was that they were sitting back on their skis (forming bad habits).

Any suggestions for boots for a slim, lightweight kid that is racing?

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Don't worry about the size and or wt.  Yes he is slim (so was I) nothing wrong with that the growth spurt is about to start, things may change faster than you think.


Question should really be does he have the strength to flex a junior race boot.  A really good boot fitter can help you in this regard.


I just purchased my daughter 11 and 110lbs 51" (mind you she swims competively 9hrs per week and is solid muscle) a new junior race boots (New old stock) and she has almost the same size foot I do (26, I'm 26.5).  Her boot flex is 80 and she has no problem in flexing it.  Again shes not racing, but she will ski correctly to develop the correct habits.


Likely, with the growth spurt coming you are going to changing boots relatively quickly all of a sudden (as you may see a shoe size or 2 of growth in a season).


Don't envy your difficult choice.

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First...........don't worry, this is not difficult.

Second......the boots he's had for four years have been holding him back for (at least) the last two.


Here are few ideas for you..................


  • There are tons of Jr race boots in the 60-65 flex range. A kid his size should be able to bend those if he's been racing for 5 yrs.
  • The bootfitter can tell whether he can flex the boot or not.
  • Lange/Rossi and Nordica/Tecnica are the same boots respectively. Those are the ones to look at but don't worry about which it is.
  • Jr race boots should be sized to fit now......not someday. The proper fit when shell sizing is ~~ 3/4"
  • Jr race boots at this level have 1 year of life in the liner (80-100 days) If it takes you 2 years to hit 100 days......so be it.
  • Whatever boot he ends up with should have an underfoot support device (Superfeet or the like)


So...........it's time to get serious and do this right. If you don't, he will not progress and the time, effort and cost that you are expending on all the other facets of ski racing are totally wasted.



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