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I am off skiing in March to whistler looking to buy some new skis i am 5ft.4 being skiing about 15 years i skis anything from groomed runs to powder .not sure what ski to buy looked at the head rev 75 and 80 but any ideas (i am not a trend setter so don't have to be this years ski I am skiing at the moment on Bandit b2 165

thanks Mark 

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what kind of skiing do you like the most?
as in fast carving, cruising, short turns, powder etc.

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fast caving ,powder but don't always get it but given a chance i would ski in powder

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Welcome to Epic.  You want one ski that will be good for fast carving and powder?  That will be tough if not downright impossible.  My Nordica Steadfasts carve quite well and are really good off piste but I doubt I could recommend them for "fast carving."  You mention skiing at Whistler, but no mention of where you normally ski.  You are better off to buy a ski that is good for the place and conditions you normally encounter and rent a powder ski at Whistler, unless you plan to ski there the entire month of March.

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Thank you for your reply I probable only ski about 2 weeks of the year and most of the time it is on peist
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You might want to consider something like the Blizzard Magnum 7.6 or 8.1.  They carve well but also have some tip rocker so they can handle some powder, maybe up to 10-12 inches.  Do you have the opportunity to demo skis?

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not really not sure to get them in Canada

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just read the reviews on the skis looks good 

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