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Gotama Jr sizing?

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I'm looking for a 2012 Gotama Jr size recommendation for my 12 year old son.  He is 60.5" tall (~154cm), athletic, intermediate skier, but on the light side - somewhere around 90-95 lbs. 


Should I go with the 138cm at chin height or 148cm at forehead height?




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I have both the 138 and 148 Gotama Jrs for my kids (the non-rockered version).  I would think that 148 is the right number and he is undoutedly still growing.  If it is the rockered version then I wouldn't hesitate at all on the 148.

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My son is 11 and roughly the same size. (60" and 90lbs/ L8 ski class level at Xtal ).  I bought him the Gotama Jr. 148's.  They look like they contact about like a 135cm camber ski because of the tip and tail rockers so I vote for the 148's.  I think the 138's would ski short for him.   My son skied a 136cm early rise ski last year and they were perfect for him at the time.       

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Buy at eyebrow high - sell at chin high.

Thats the ruke of thumb I used for my kids and have gotten 2 seasons outt of skis.

My son used Gotama Jr for the last 2 seasons (11 - 12 yr old). He's 13 and is switching to adult skis this year - ouch, much more expensive now. He loved the Gotama Jr's - its a great Jr ski for all mountain skiing.
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Thanks for the input.  ...confirms my thoughts too.  

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