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Driving to SLC

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I am planning to go skiing around SLC (first time) in January and thinking of driving there from San Francisco. I understand it is a fairly long drive, about 8 hours drive from Reno? 


Are there any places of interest (for shopping or sight seeing) between Reno and SLC to break up the long boring drive? 


Thanks in advance.

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Not to quibble too much but I always think of SLC to Reno being about a 7 hour drive. 


There is not a lot to break up the drive.  Elko is probably the most substantial city and it has a number of casinos and restaurants.  There are a couple of Basque family style restaurants downtown that are pretty unique (The Star and one other whose name slips my mind).  The Peppermill has a decent restaurant or two.  I only really know about them because I have done some business in Elko.  When we used to drive from SLC to Tahoe fairly regularly we generally just tried to power through and get it done.

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