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I am currently working on coursework where i analyze my weaknesses but i am unsure how to, any help ?

My weaknesses are;


* not enough pressure in the fall line

* Initiation of turn without commitment to outside ski

* Skiing to direct at the gates


What i have to do if talk about the weakness and say why it occurs...



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I gather you are a racer.  Are you doing this coursework for your coach?

Did you come up with the three weaknesses, or did your coach, or did someone else?

Are you supposed to find a single issue that causes all three, or what?

Are you supposed to figure out how to fix these three, or just what causes them? 

I think people will need more information than you included in your post before they can help you out.  

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well one way could be to analyze your videos in comparison with textbook technique and/or a WC skier and point out the differences.
Than talk about what could be the cause of these differences, for example weight leaning on the inside ski ==> outside ski doesn't bite, and provide a solution, how/what exercises cha help you fix it.

A little more info and maybe some vids and pics will prob help the thread...

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 In general a direct line features an abbreviated turn finish when compared to a rounder line. That extra time you spend finishing your turns (rounder line) gives you slightly more time to accurately release and re-engage your edges. Thus making it easier to add pressure prior to the fall line. Although I suspect your transitions are where the real problem lies. If the core doesn't get lined up on the balance axis prior to the rise line, your going to struggle to pressure the outside ski effectively. At least until you get your core back in alignment along that balance axis.  When do you get sufficient edge pressure on the outside ski? How can you move that strong pressure phase to a different part of the turn?

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