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Im 16, 5'9", 125lbs level 9/3 skier (depending which scale you use) and have a racing background. I ski almost entirely on the east coast, trees, sidecountry with some groomers thrown in there. Im looking for a 85-90 waist ski that will handle in the trees and crud but i will still be able to rail on groomers. I'm mainly looking at: Salomon Enduro XT 850, blizzard bushwhacker, volkl kendo and Folsom blue note carve. looking for any thoughts on these. Some one recomended the Whitedot The One to me and the rep offered me a pair for $300. wondering if anyone skis these and what they think of them.

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Welcome to EpicSki!


My friends and I had a chance to play with some White Dots at Big Sky last season.  They had a demo tent set up.  Very little sidecut as I remember.  One friend liked them well enough to buy a pair after getting home.  Don't remember which version though.  The company has been selling them in Europe.  Last season they started marketing in the U.S. market.  Their headquarters is in SLC.  My sense is that they are mainly focused on snow conditions commonly found in the Rockies more than in the northeast.  They were at the Alta Demo Day last April.

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Thanks, thats kinda the idea I had gotten about Bluedot. If anyone has other suggestions, I'd be open to that too.

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