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1 ski for the West Coast

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I am looking for some advice about which "1-quiver" ski to purchase. I am a 6 feet 150lbs, high-intermediate to low-advance skier (5-years of experience, outside of USA).

I will ski in Tahoe, this season in Alpine and Kirkwood. Usually I just ski on groomed slopes, on high speed. I haven't really tried skiing in bumps or between trees. I will definitely try it out, but still, I suspect most of my runs will be on groomed snow.

The skis that I looked at, are:

  • Blizzard Bonafide 180cm ( I am a bit put off by it's width. Isn't 98mm too much? )

  • Kastle MX88

  • Kastle MX78

Which would you recommend? Probably demoing would be the best way to find out, but I'd prefer to buy pre-season to save some money.


Thank you!

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A Bonafide would be considered a standard all mountain width for Tahoe and a lot of people go wider for everyday.  Skiing groomers at Alpine and Kirkwood you'll get bored pretty fast--runs are fairly short, and crowded. Both resorts are excellent for off piste skiing--I suspect you'll be doing more of that than you think. I don't know where you skied before but off piste is a lot less serious in the US than in Europe--as long as you are inbounds  the runs are controlled--minimal (NOT zero) avalanche risk, no crevasses, etc. I wouldn't go any narrower than a Bonafide. New skis will be most expensive pre and early season, typically are discounted in February, again late season, but popular brands like the bonafide will sell out in popular lengths before they are discounted. 

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If you really are serious about going off piste more, then go for the bonafides.  If you're not going to and you'll just be on groomers, you might as well go with the 78's since the 88's will only be better for off piste and not as good on.

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Others will likley have recomendations on what to get, I can only say what NOT to get...and for you, a light weight aspiring advanced skier, definatley avoid the MX88 and MX78.  Get a ski that will help you develop, that is not the Kastles.

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There's one key here to your decision making process.  You say you will be on groomed runs most of the time.  Most people here aren't going to believe you because most advanced skiers that ski in a region like Tahoe do not stick to groomed runs.  So they're going to recommend skis that will be a better fit for more of the mountain.


So, are you serious about sticking to groomed runs?  Really serious?  If so, 98mm is too wide IMO.  But again, most people here aren't going to believe that you're really going to stick to groomed runs even if you insist on it.  So, be honest with yourself and try to figure out what future you is going to want.


You already say you're going to "try out" off piste skiing, what happens when you like it?

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