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24 hours of Moab

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Well, the race is next weekend...

our team

If any of the Bears are going to be there then send me a PM and we'll hook up through the message board that's near the start/finish.

BTW, I didn't choose that team name. Any suggestions on the name for next year?

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I was thinking of something like... FourFunkyFreeheelin'Farts.

But I know you can do much better.
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Good luck PinHed! I was just down there this past weekend and the weather was great. If it stays the same, you couldn't ask for better riding weather for this race.

Take no prisoners!
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Thanks AltaSkier!

The weather is changing as the jet stream dips lower to the south. It's going to be windy and dusty for sure. The temps may dip into the low 30's and maybe even the 20's.

I'm taking this change in weather as an advantage for me and my teammates. We know cold and we like the wind. Hell we're even hoping for snow and rain. :
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The weather turned out to be perfect!

Our team placed 79th out of 151 sport class teams; it was a pretty good showing. There's plenty of room for improvement though both on the logistics aspect of food, wrenching, bike lights and camp set-up. Personally, I'd like to lose 10 pounds to lose 10 minutes on each of my laps.

I'd be fun to have another Bear join the fray next year.
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Congrats on the good work!

24 hour races have always intrigued me. Next season I'm "planning" on spending a little more time on the bike and might put a team together for a few races. Guys at work are always bugging me to race with them, maybe next season?
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My husband and I have been discussing it for next year too with a few of our friends. We're definitely not competitive XC types, but figured it would be fun to dress up and ride our 7" travel bikes and have a good time. We stopped by and looked around last weekend and it seems like it would be fun to try.

I'll be racing the Moab Rim DH this weekend - anyone going down there for that (or the Fat Tire Festival)?
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Well then Alta lovers...

Maybe we could do a muti-team camp and share our support crew resources. I'd like to have a team manager/food person, a massuse, and a wrench person. In addition to those people, I'd also like to have an RV and an equipment tent with heater and plenty of light. The RV would be for prepping food and sleeping. The tent would make a perfect gear locker, mechanic's area and space for massages. Wishful thinking at this point ...but who knows.
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Great, I'll bring my bike, you bring all the rest.
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Not a bad idea. My parents have a camper - the problem is getting it from Michigan to Utah... Probably a lot cheaper and easier to just rent one instead of making multiple trips halfway across the country. But with a year's notice we should be able to come up with something!!
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