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Go Giants!

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3 weeks ago there were those who were ready to call it a season.
Go get em!
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2 down, 2 to go!
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Are you talking about THE Giants - the Belfast Ice Hockey team, who have been defeating all before them in the UK league for the last year?

If so, I heartily agree - Go Giants!!!

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Oops, good point fox.

For those of you across the pond that don't get US sports news or it's buried in the backs of your papers. San Francisco Giants National League Baseball. Gooooooo Giants.

Note for above,
I still remember being in France last year around world series time and we could not figure out who won. It was one line buried in the back of the sports section. It was also when RĂ©gine Cavagnoud had died. Got front page billing with almost full page articles. Funny how we keep thinking locally instead of globally.

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Looks like we might have a Giants/Angels World Series. Wonder what the mayors of San Francisco and Anahiem will bet. There are lots of things in San Francisco worth wagering, but what would anyone want from Anahiem?
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In spite of the fact that I'm a life-long Red Sox fan (Yeah, tell me about it!), and I predicted an Oakland vs. Atlanta World Series, I'd truly love to see an Angels vs. Giants matchup. Both of those teams have spirit and class!
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Boy what a great finish! Go Giants [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
(game four)
1 more game

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Angels here we come!
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Bring it.
Should be a good Series.
If you're an Angel.
Could not believe LaRussa lifting Morriss. Braindead. You've already let the guy hit in a situation where he might be pulled for a pinch-hitter - so you've said you're sratying with him, a no-brainer given how he had pitched and was still pitching - then you take the ball from him and bring in some poor sap just because he throws with his left arm. Morris was only dominating and getting sharper and you decide he can't get out Kenny Freaking Lofton.
That's baseball.
(He blew it.)
Congrats, Giants.
Good to see Bonds get his shot, and for him to shut everybody up - right - about what he doesn't do when it matters. Looking forward to the first Washburn/Barry matchup. And Percival/Kent.
Will Dusty be back?
Angels got too much mo', and the Giants don't have anyone who throws consistently hard enough to get in on Glaus, who crushes sub-93 heat. Two hot teams, the Angels are better, and will win in five, MAYBE six.
We'll talk later.
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