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Way cool!!
But I would have thought a kite to be pretty inefficient on a craft that is relatively slow... But as they said, they are after the wind high up.
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My question is how do you get a probably 30+ lb. sail 200 feet in the air when there is almost zero wind on the water?
In any event I've got $20 that say we wont see this deployed this year, but the next LV cup and AC we probably will.
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Don't think they will fly it either, but I wouldn't bet on it...
About the launching... That depends at wich windspeed it's faster then a asymetric. They probably only gonna use it in VERY light winds, the only situation I can see them using it is if the wind dies in the middle of a race...
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it could be a ruse. you know, make everyone else waste precious time and energy to come up with their own so they can match your inventory.
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The Louis Vuitton cup has been won. The New Zealander skippering the swiss owned boat, Alinghi, beat the New Zealander skippering the US owned boat, Oracle. So now the Americas Cup final is between the New Zealand skipper in Alinghi (who was responsible for winning the cup for New Zealand and defending it last time) against the New Zealanders who stayed with their home countries syndicate for less money - their campaign song is titled 'Loyal'.

This is an international race, or so they say.
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Ah well - look at all that employment they are providing... How many other sailors you guys have in those boats?
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Yeah Alinghi! I'm a big Couts fan! I'm excited to see this AC. If any of you follow the Sweedish Match tour you will understand that Dean and Russel have some unsettled business. Dean took the Sweedish Match tour title this year. Don't forget that even if Oracle was up against NZ that Chris Dickson would be at the helm and he's a New Zealander as well. There is a rumor going around that NZ may be up to 35 seconds faster per leg than Alinghi! If that's true and a result of the "hula" I will be amazed. Looking forward to this race.
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We need to congradulate our American entries for their efforts. There's no shame in losing to a nation with a great sea-faring tradition like Switzerland.

Has anyone thought of where the Cup will be held if the Swiss win?
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If Alinghi win, they have talked about Italy, or possibly France or Spain. Italy has been the country mentioned most so far. The Cup has brought huge amounts of money to New Zealand and increased our profile as a destination amongst for super yacht spectators who come to watch the cup or participate as owners/sponsors, so woud be a shame to lose it.

Barker vs Coutts match has been touted as media heaven. But Barkers team have announced that they are always going to refer to the other team as 'The Swiss'. They want it to be an NZ vs Swiss race, not the prior NZ skipper against the current. The NZ guys on the Swiss team have received personal threats from anonymous kiwis who did not like them changing sides, so they don't want to stir that up too much.
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What is the latest on the Alinghi threats I was reading about that on the louis vuitton cup web site. It speaks to the importance and legitimacy of competitve sailing in NZ but that's just over the edge. I heard today that Alinghi was imposed a 10K fine for a couple of contractor taking a chase boat into the middle of team NZ practice area. Expensive mistake.
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The following link has local Amercias Cup news

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