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The Louis Vuitton Cup is on

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Racing has begun in the Heuraki Gulf! The US boat look really good so far. I saw the stars and stripes race monday night and though they handled GBR quite well they will most definelty be put to the test in a heavy air tacking duel. That race was pricipally a drag race downwind were the narrow beam of Stars and Stripes had an edge over GBR. This will be an non issue when S&S goes up against the Swiss and others. Apparently it was too windy yesterday to sail. I guess no one wants a repeat of the young america incident. Any predictions on who's going to Challenge NZ? Personaly I think the LV final will be Allingi and Oracle/BMW Racing.

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Any way to get any TV on this? How about a website?
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OLN is doing great coverage of the races. The commentary, as usual isn't the best but check out www.oln.com for a TV schedule.

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sorry I think I messed up the URL it should be www.olntv.com or try www.louisvuittoncup.com

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And the Swedish Victory Challenge have 2 in-a-row, being the first to beat an American boat!
Sadly, I wasn't able to stay awake to watch it live...Thank god for video recorders
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Yes, Tele-Swede--it looks like your countrymen may be the spoilers for this round! Congratulations--they're looking good--the Vikings are back on the rampage on the high seas!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Check out


Us kiwis are worried about the Alinghi challenge because the skipper is Russell Coutts, the kiwi who won it for us last time. He jumped ship (or should I say yachts) for money, along with quite a few other valuable team members. So we are defending with a 'young' team. Dennis Connor is also dangerous.

I believe there are some virutal spectator web site where you can watch the yacht races graphically presented. I'll see if I can locate them.

For those who don't know, the Hauraki Gulf is in New Zealand. The Americas Cup now lives after beating the US, and successfully defending it.
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Virtual spectator is


It is described as "Virtual Spectator is an interactive 3-D sports viewer that uses an internet connection to display America's Cup racing on your PC in real time. View, pause, rewind and replay live races from different camera angles, accompanied by your choice of race statistics"

The software for this was written in Dunedin, New Zealand, my home town for 20 years until my recent move. They are now selling the software worldwide for use in other sports such as golf games. Have not tried it myself yet.
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Anyone else watch the latest racing? Only one race was completed today, the one between Victory Challenge (SWE) and Prada (ITA).
I knew sailing is fun, but I didn't know it could be that much fun to watch! That was exciting!!
The Swedes held the lead for a long time, but the Italians read the shifty wind better and won the race on the last upwind leg!
A nice twist is that the Swedish television chanel showing the Cup has the boss of the Swedish team as comentator.
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Racing has been crazy in the first round robin! First there is too much wind, then not enough to make marks within the time limit. Victory Challenge has been sailing very well, but they should. Their afterguard is very strong with an impressive match racing background. Dennis Connor picked them as the "dark horse" before this LV cup started. I would make the point that yes they have beaten Stars & Stripes but they have yet to face the heart of the LV line up. I'm not saying that Stars & Stripes does not have a chance to win but there are faster boats out there. What Victory Challenge has done is opened some eyes on Allinghi and Oracle (my favorites for the LV final) and will force some very competitive racing in the comming rounds. With the boats evenly matched in the coming rounds with regard to overall speed on the water watch for the starting sequence to become more competitive. All of these teams can read shifts but we've seen that boats can pick up major time on a leg by picking up the wind shift first. I really love watching this racing. This is a unique opportunity to watch the best in the world go head to head on multi-million dollar boats that you could waterski behind when the are fully powered up. I'm Looking forward to Round two, and I would like to see Victory Challenge in the hunt for the LV cup. This team also has spent more time than any other competitor practicing on the gulf. As for NZ well....my prediction is that their going to get beat for a variety of reasons crew changes being one of them. I think the afterguard on Allinghi and Oracle are better and both of these boats are extremely fast, then again so is NZ
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Interesting tidbit.....

Of the 45,000 lb. average weight of one of these modern, competitive boats, 40,000 lbs. is in the keel. Hence the chronic breakage and the need to avoid standing on deck in what they call the "death zones", not to mention the safety boats following close by for when it sinks.
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Interesting... When you think about it though it makes sence. 10 knots of of breeze puts the rail in the water on those boats without the vast majority of the weight being in ballast your upside down in a hurry. Hopefully noone ends up like Young America. I'm surprised that with the wind speed we've seen in Auckland so far none of the boats have experianced more technical difficulty than just a few blown kites.
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Originally posted by Pow Junkie:
I'm surprised that with the wind speed we've seen in Auckland so far none of the boats have experianced more technical difficulty than just a few blown kites.
In racing that is... The Swedes have had structural problems, and they're probably not the only ones.
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Your right. I was just reading about the blown Forestay on Le Defi Areva.
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Ah excelent racing!
Haven't been watching the races as much this week, been kind of busy with school. Also, if you're interested in the anatomy and crew of one of the America's cup boats, check out www.GBRchallenge.com Another awesome race is the Sydney to Hobart race. Not sure about the URL for that race. Something like www.sydhob.com
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Sydney to Hobart is a great race, but one of the more perilous as races go. It must have been five or more years ago when only a handful of boats finished whe a gale blew through sunk some boats and a few men lost their lives.

It's nice to see Chris Dickson sailing well and quite frankly I glad Larry Ellison is off the boat for the time being. I'm not a big fan of the owner driving, fine be the swingman and keep you mouth shut but let the professionals do their job.
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I don't know if any of you are catching the quarter finals but the racing is sick. This is the best match racing I've ever seen. These guys have spent their lives trading paint on the swedish match etc and to see them work the fastest AC boat's afloat is sick. Nice to see some pentalties being thrown because it's a sign that the intensity has been kicked up a notch. My vote is Alinghi in the finals with Oracle and Couts beating his protege in the AC.
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Havent' been watching much of the racing but from the small snippits i have seen it looks like its pretty tight racing all around. Pretty please can we NOT have Gary Jobson do comentary EVER again. Peter Montgomery is SO much easier to listen to. I really wish we could have some other sailing on TV, watching Robert Schiedt and Ben Ainslie go at it in Lasers is much more interesting then a bunch of really expesive boats drag racing al la the Americas Cup that was held in San Deigo. Just my $.02
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I agree. I find my self watching the start and the first few minutes of the windward leg to see who will have an advantage then changing the channel until the first mark rounding. Jobson is an annoying bugger isn't he. I'd like to see more one design racing on TV but untill someone creates "sail TV" it ain't going to happen. I'd love to see a bunch of Melges or Mumm's trading paint in the Key West or NOOD series on TV.

Laser, are you a one design racer? do you know of any decent sailing forums similar to epic? I'm looking into a new boat for next year and sailing it out of Annapolis.

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The only qf that isn't really tight is Victory against Areva. Even Swedish tv showed loads from the other matches and that channel is the main sponsor of Victory Challenge...
I agree with laseranimal that watching Scheit or any of the other laser hotshots working the waves is fun, but the AC is impressive. They throw those boats around as if they WERE Lasers.
As for good sailing on TV you can't beat the Aussie 18' GP! There's so much action even people who know nothing about sailing like it...
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As for good sailing forums I suggest the laser e mail list, not a forum, more of an e mail discussion, Its all about lasers but what more is there to life?(besides skiing of course) As for schiedt and co its not upwind thats the best part(although their hiking skills are impressive) what sets the REALLY good Laser guys apart from the mearly good ones is their downwind technique. Watching these guys surf in the big stuff is amazing. I had the distinct honor of having Robert Schiedt take my hole at the first start of the gold fleet at CORK four years ago. It was unreal, within a minute he had worked 10 boatlengths ahead of me and 5 boatlengths UPWIND of me.(remember, he started to leward of me) it was probably the most impressive display of athleticism i have ever seen. I have so much respect for Ainslie, Blackburn, Myrdal, Schiedt etc. Not only do they have to be INSANELY physically fit, but their mental toughness is unreal!
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Am I the only one that is really tired of hearing more about the official protests and hearings than the racing.
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welcome to the americas cup, we spend more time in the room then on the water. I'd really like to give everyone a melges 24 and let them go at it. None of this "design" crap
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There's so much one-design racing going on. The match racing circuit is sailed in organiser-provided boats for exmaple...
And as long as there are people willing to pay for it, let them sail those expensive boats....
But don't get me wrong, I've only sailed one-design except for sailing International Moth for a while, racing lasers as well though.
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Big "D" can scream all he wants the fact of the matter is that S&S got spanked. I agree with Laser but I also think there is a design rule book the size of war and peace that dictates what and what can't be done with these boats.

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Did anyone see the absolutely MISERABLE Peter Holmberg start yesterday? Wow..... I could not believe that. He didn't even get pushed to the pin end of the line he sailed there?? Not sure what was going on in his head but, it looked like Chris Dickson was going to knock his butt overboard. Dickson took over on helm so fast and had a look on his face like he was going to kill somebody. Anyway good racing.. Go Alinghi. Is anyone else wondering where the next America's cup will be held if a boat from Switzerland wins it all?
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Lake Lucerne?
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Check this out. I'd say, now I've seen everything but I probably haven't with the amount of money these teams have.http://www.louisvuittoncup.yahoo.com/story1468.html
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