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Where to ski 1/2/13-1/6/13?

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My husband and I are looking to take our 16 year-old skiing in Utah or Colorado in early January. We are limited with our dates due to the school schedule. My husband is an expert skiier. My daughter and I have only skiied the East Coast (Jay's Peak, Killington, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland slopes). My husband has skiied Vail, Jackson Hole, Whistler, Snowbird, Alta.


We are looking for something that would satisfy all of us and not be terribly crowded. Any recommendations?

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If your husband is looking for something new, I would suggest Aspen. Otherwise the SLC area.

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Welcome to EpicSki!


If skiing is the main reason for the trip, consider Snowbasin, which is close to Powder Mountain.  An hour from SLC so less crowded than the other SLC options.


Any particular reason you are only considering Colorado or Utah?  Have you and your daughter ever slept at altitudes over 7000 ft?


Did you go to Snowshoe in WV?  If so, what did you think of it?

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It would help to know more about what you are looking for besides not crowded. Otherwise you run the risk of getting a series of conflicting replies adovcating the posters' particular favorite places.


Are you and your daughter also experts or are you beginners? Some beginner terrain is higher on the mountain with better views and big mountain feel.


Planning to ski al together or separate? For instance, Aspen mountain is not for beginners at all and the Aspen complex of mountains has beginners at a completely different mountain than experts. Copper also has very differentiated terrain. This is moot if you are not planning to ski together or are all at least within the same ability range, but could be a factor if you're not.


Most of the resorts in Colorado and most of the resorts in Utah will give you a varied mix of terrain and most will not be terribly crowded that week, so more info can help the internet community advise you.

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Originally Posted by Mom View Post

. . .  most will not be terribly crowded that week, so more info can help the internet community advise you.

A bit more crowded this year than usual.  Some schools are not starting up again until Jan. 7.


The OP might find some useful ideas in this thread by a father thinking about that same week.  Difference is that his wife and daughter have much less ski experience.

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