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Need advice on quiver building for the first time

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A little about me:

I'm a 6' 170 lb skier who rarely leaves the Poconos.  However, this year, I'm looking to either head north to Vermont or head west to Utah.  I'm currently on a 170 cm pair of Nordica Nitrous CA's, which are pretty much perfect for skiing at my home hills.  At home, I'm typically 90% groomers, 10% moguls, because that's pretty much all we have here.  I'm a skilled groomer technician, but that's about it, since I haven't really been able to try much else.  If I head west or north this season though, I think I'd like to start skiing a little more off piste.


The question:

If I'm planning to buy a pair of fatter skis (to supplement, not replace), would it make sense to go to an all-mountain-style 90mm-ish ski?  Or would it make more sense to go 98+?  I'm really interested in the Salomon Rocker2 90, on which I've seen some great deals and reviews (I think I'd go 177 on this board), but I don't know if that's different enough from what I currently have to make sense.  I also like the idea of the Bonafide, but that seems to have already flown off the shelf in the 180 size.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Also, I'm on a budget, so please don't recommend anything by Kastle (I need to exercise some self-control).


Thanks in advance!

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I'd be looking at something in the 100-110 range with tip rocker (you won't find anything in that width that doesn't have rocker) and traditional camber underfoot.  A ski like that will handle most powder conditions and still be versatile that you can ski groomers if you get skunked on snow on your trip.  I ski mainly at Tahoe with a 78 mm ski for groomer days and a Sidestash for the rest.  I travel with the sidestash.  I'm sure others will advise you to go narrower.  If I only had one pair I might go 95-100 but IMO not enough different from your Nordicas.

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^Thanks for the reply^

Just to clarify, though, I'm not looking for a true fat ski.  100 mm underfoot is just about my limit, as I want these boards to still be functional most places on the east coast, but versatile enough to better handle varied conditions than my current full-camber sub-80mm Nordicas.

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Rossi E98 in a 180

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Skis.com still has the Bonafide in a 180 and cheaper than on ebay.  I know because I looked today.

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Volkl Mantra another good choice in your size range--it's been around a lot longer than the 
Blizzard so not as sexy. Maybe not as versatile?  Haven't skied the new ones with tip rocker but the pair I saw in the store had rocker you needed a magnifying glass to see so maybe not as good in soft snow?. 

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I'll put another word out for the blizzard bonafide or cochise - i ski the Cochise, they are an awesome awesome all mountain ski that can rock in the deeper snow!

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Out West 115 to120+ is considered a 'true fat ski'. 98 to 110 would be 'all mountain' so don't be wary of wider. As long as you are a good skier that can drive a ski the Cochise would be good for everything in the West and could be used for non-boiler plate days in the East. At 6'/170 lbs you would go 185 because of the tip and tail early rise. 177 would be too short . My wife is 105 lbs and skis the 177.

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