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Road Bikes?

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Anyone into road bikes? Yeah, I know we have a lot of mountain bikers here, but what about road gear, or is it not as popular outside Europe? (apart from Lance Armstrong)

Anyway, my reason for asking is that I just got a great deal on a Trek 1500 (paid around $1100, instead of $1600), which I'll possibly use to improve my fitness levels before the ski season starts.

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Sounds nice Fox. I'm actually not that into recreational cycling. Doing it for a living is just about all the cycling I can handle , but IF i ride in my free time it's on roads. But then again, I'm European...

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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
Anyone into road bikes? Yeah, I know we have a lot of mountain bikers here, but what about road gear, or is it not as popular outside Europe?
Road bikes are crazy popular on the San Francisco Peninsula. I gave up MTB in 2000, after breaking a collar bone the day I was leaving for a week's skiing in Utah. Losing a months' skiing to a MTB accident was not worth it to me. Since then, I've been road biking exclusively.

The nearby mountain roads are great for rides. I log about 250 miles per week, with about 30,000 ft. of climbing. Sometimes more. I'm in the best shape since I used to race track and cross country in high school. My bike is a Klein Navigator, big, stiff, and strong. Ideal for long rides on mountain roads. Here it is, set up for an overnight ride:

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I used to be into spinning the road and then switched to MTB, I'm now switching back. I'm looking to get a new bike in the spring. Currently I'm laid up in a sling for the next six weeks from some shoulder surgery but after that I'm back on the road. looking possible at an Aegis. A friend of mine owns the company and lives a mile down the road in Maine that's probably my best shot at getting a "deal" on a bike. Just an aside, I got the chance to meet Lance Armstrong last week in Boston at the National Postal Forum where he gave a tremendous speech and then did some autographs. He was even kind enough to ask about my shoulder. Wicked nice guy and a really good public speaker.
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anyone shopping now for a new road bike to use in the Spring should check out Curtlo custom steel frames/bikes:


Doug's work is first-rate. Your bike is custom tailored to your preferences and body measurements, and it will ride like a dream. On top of all that, one of Doug's bikes is totally affordable, and can make non-custom chi-chi bikes like Litespeed or Merlin look like horrible wastes of money.

I own a Curtlo single speed mtn bike frame, and will be ordering a hardtail geared mtn bike frame from Doug this Fall. They ride amazingly well.
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Hey - Why limit yourself to one type of biking. I ride the roads and the trails! The two types of riding play off of each other very well - road riding to build an endurance base, kinda like long distance running and mountain biking to build power and faster recovery time, kinda like interval training.

Fox- the deal you're getting for that bike sounds pretty good, but make sure it fits you well. Check here for a good online fitting resource: www.wrenchscience.com. This will give you a good idea of the general dimensions you should look for in a road bike.

Keep the rubber side down!
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Originally posted by Gill:

Keep the rubber side down!
Oh! That's why I'm on sick pay!!
Couldn't you have come up with that advice last monday, right before I crashed??!
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Hey, I don't practice what I preach either. I got "up close and personal" with the trail a few days ago too.

My shoulder is still sore from the impact...
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I hit a pedestrian and got airborne! Came to a hault when I hit a van in front of me, face first.
Everything ewcept the neck is fine by now, and I've got a new apppointment with the doc. tomorrow about that.
Problem is, with another season in Canada approaching, I can't really afford not working
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Yikes! I hope you heal quickly.
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Thanks Gill!
I'm out of action for almost three weeks and PT starts tomorrow!
Hard blow to the chashflow though!
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Hey Pow Junkie
I ride an Aegis Swift. It's an awesome little bike. It's a 44cm and is such a joy to ride. I've logged 2500 miles on it this summer.
Thank your friend for designing such a nice bike for small riders. Very few bike companies really take our needs into consideration.
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will do, I'll see him over thanksgiving.
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I used to ride a mountain bike until this past year. I bought a road bike (2001 KHS Flite 1000) and I'm hooked. I ended up riding about 1300 miles this year and I'm looking forward to more next year. The only thing good about the cold winters here in Chicago is the snow skiing that I can do.
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