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Binding help please.

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I just got a new pair of Blizzard Bushwacker's for 2012-13 season.  I am excited to try them, I've heard and read good things.  They are 180cm.  I need to get bidings for them, I've been told that Marker Griffons are a good choice but I'm not a park guy, no tricks or air anymore.  I'll list some stats;


41 years old

Expert skier, PSIA instructor for 9 years

6 feet tall 210 lbs (weight lifter not fat)

I like to carve various size turns mostly, I can still do a couple hours of bumps here and there which I love but my surgically rebuilt right knee doesn't love so much.  

I do have a season pass and ski about 20-35 days (5 hours is 1 day)


I'm not too much into gear so not an expert, my concern is stand height and best bindings for my skiing preference.  I currently have a couple pairs of Rossi, the Z9's being my go to ski, they are 176 and I love them but they are 2007's so I wanted to give some of the newer rockered tech a go.  I've seen some Look (din 12 not sure of the rest) for a good price, I don't need anything so heavy duty like Marker Jester.  ANY HELP MUCH APPRECIATED! 

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Here you go not in any particular order:


Marker Griffon

Look PX 12

Rossignol Axial 2 120

Salomon STH 12 Driver


I am sure the current Tyrolia is a fine binding.  I just have not skied one in a long time.



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I'd recommend an adjustable rail of whatever make of bindings you choose.


These newshcool boards are sensitive to fore/aft position.  It is more fun to just stand and drive instead of compromise by shifting COM to wake up the ski performance.  It can be frustrating getting it right, but at least you only drill once.


If you do go with a static binding, carefully think about your skiing style, and have a good tech help you decide where to put those binders.

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What's your DIN? At your size level you might be pushing it to use a 12 DIN binding.  Griffons aren't a park specific binding--I see them on just about every powder demo around here--but you might need the Jester.  I'd stay away from Solly Z12's--weak heel plate.  the STH 12 driver (better toe) is popular. A lot of people really like look pivots and rossi fks--especially people who like the jump off stuff, but they're expensive. 

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