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My 12 year old son has been a competitive freestyle skier for 5 years now.  He skis moguls as well as big air and slopestyle; and while he competes in all three disciplines, it looks as though he is leaning towards the slopestyle side of things.


His mogul skis are Harts, and those are great.


My dilemma is on the other side of things.  I would love to be able to get him a pair of park skis and a pair of all mountains, but that just isn't financially going to happen. 


I am looking for a great park/all mountain ski for a 5 foot, 82 pound 12 year old who is throwing down 720s, and just qualified his inverts on water ramps this summer.


Any advice would be fantastic.  I myself have one pair of skis in my quiver, and while I'll ski any double black on the mountain, I prefer to do it with my 8 year old, who is also competitive, but whom I can at least still keep up with!


We are in British Columbia.


Thanks so much for your thoughts.