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Colorado ski towns

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Wife and I are planning a trip to CO mid december.  I ski; she does not.  What I'm looking for is a resort with a nice little town around it so I can be slopeside somewhere and my wife won't get bored out of her skull while I'm skiing.  Something like Breck (just not Breck cuz that's where we went last time).  Have been thinking about Steamboat or Telluride, but was also wondering what the towns are like around A-Basin, Keystone, Loveland, Copper Mtn, etc.  Did Aspen last year and Vail the year before, steamboat a long time ago.  Really enjoyed Breck (and my wife loved the town); just looking for something different.  We are driving out from Minnesota, so I'll have a car to get to a few places (if they're close enough together).  Any recs would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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I would say Crested Butte or Telluride, since you've already been to the Boat, Vail and Aspen.


Loveland, A-Basin, Keystone and Copper are not ski towns. They're 15 minutes from the Silverthorne/Frisco/Dillon area.

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If you don't mind driving a little bit you could consider Durango too.

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I dont know if you checked out Beaver Creek when you were at Vail (only 10 minutes away) but its right outside the town of avon. 


my mom doesnt ski and she finds enough stuff to do with edwards city walk 5 minutes away in edwards , some avon shopping, and vail shopping right down the way. 


If you dont feel like going back to eagle county, i would say go to somewhere you havent been to for sure. But Thats just how i look at things. Go to telluride or crested butte. a couple hours extra driving tho

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Lodging won't be an issue before Christmas.  Since your driving, I'd wait and see who has the best conditions.   Telluride and Steamboat are favored by completely different weather systems, SW and NW flow respectively.  Chances are one will be better than the other and that's were I'd go?

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