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Finding a GS ski

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Hello, I am a High school racer living in SE Michigan. I am 17 and about 5'7" and 165lbs. I am looking into buying a gs ski as my old ones are a quite old and I need an upgrade. For SL I'm skiing on a 155 2009 Elan SLX waveflex ski, and have 26.5 Head raptor 130 RS pro boots. I need a cheater type ski, because the in Michigan the courses are pretty short and flat.


Any suggestions on which skis to look into? I'm open to just about anything.


Thank you!

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   I'm a fan of the Fischer RC WC, at 5'10" 200 and whatever the 175cm works very well for me,  I would think that length should be  fine for you also or maybe a 170cm if you want an even tighter radius. Disclaimer, I'm a Fischer hill rep.

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