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This word gets thrown around alot here. I think people mostly mean good performance in a variety of snow conditions. 


I think there are many types of versatility:

  • Performance in a variety of conditions
  • Works well for different types of skiing (aggressive freeride, cruising groomers, noodling in the trees, etc)
  • Turn sizes and shapes supported 
  • Comfort at a variety of speeds (or skier weight/sizes)
  • Sensitivity to skier input, can you relax on this ski?
  • Sensitivity to mount point


I am curious how you define versatility. 

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A technique that is complete enough, a tactical know how, the physical capabilities and the psychological outlook that allow the skier to adapt to whatever he/ she encounters! One presumes that the skier with the above in place has the equipment to deliver.

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Versatility is having 1001 ways to skin a cat. 

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Originally Posted by nolo View Post

Versatility is having 1001 ways to skin a cat. 


With a ski?

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Versatile = does well over a range.

For a ski, it could be a range of speeds or  range of snow conditions, types of skiing, etc.

For a skier, it covers a range of conditions, speeds, turnshapes, types of skiing.

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Versatility =  a ski that goes straight, turns left AND right!

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Figure of speech, cantunamunch. No offense intended. 

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