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Grand Prix United States

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If JPM wins, it's an F1 win and an Indy 500 win.

[ September 27, 2002, 09:10 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Red car in front?! Again...
Wich one? I'm guessing Barrichello
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I suspect Tele that you're right.
I'd like to see Eddie & the Jag do well, and they might.

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No team-orders from Ferrari!
Sounds like it's gonna be interesting...
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Michael will win.
No team orders, cause as long as one of them wins, then Reubens is second in the Championship.
Could be a mildly-less-dull race.

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I'm watching it, and listening to it on Radio 5. What about you?

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have a good time?
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you probably need to post a little louder. I'd doubt if he can hear you after the noise of yesterday!

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Your report when you get home.

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A good time was had by all(tifosi that is)
One rather large breasted woman had a horse on each one.
It was beautiful to watch. The red cars were incredibly fast and smoother that anyone else.
Our seats were 14 rows up in "Northwest Vista"(we got them from a scalper for $50ea.)We had a good view from just before the breaking zone on the main straight to turn 5, then partial to Hulman Blvd on the back. There were some pretty good "fights in the back of the pack. At first I thought JPM was "hot doging but when I saw the replay it looked like Ralf had the back end get loose. Towards the end, Eddie did a great job of setting Heidfeldt up for a pass into 9th. Only to try it maybe a lap too soon. As they came into turn one he wasn't far enough ahead and had to lock the up then take the grass. Ralf got by and he took to the end of the race to get back past him and couldn't get to the Sauber. I thoght Eddie drove well. He just had bad luck qualifying. The car looked nervous.
It's interesting that my ski coaches eye works pretty well for judging how the drivers set up their turns. They make some of the same mistakes ski racers do.
Gotta go right now.
One last thought. I don't think Michael intended to let Rubens win. We listened to the local AM radio for two hours while we were waiting to get outside the track and the "Hoosiers" were pretty inscensed. Of course they thought that the ending to the 500 this year was OK. Also throwing the yellow for a little piece of debris at the end of the Brickyard 400 to let the field bunch up.
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