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Hey everyone, so I got a new job and am moving to boulder co this Tuesday. I don't think I will have time to teach this season, so I am just going to buy a pass and work on improving my riding - maybe do a couple aasi events at the bigger resorts. Eldora is really close to boulder - which is very appealing. My only concern is that the road looks like it could be pretty sketchy to drive if there is a good bit of snow on it. Does anyone on here frequent Eldora? If so is the road usually open? I have a subaru, and I am pretty comfortable driving on snow covered roads. I know it doesn't have detachable lifts and the vertical isn't that of the bigger mountains, but it seems so much more convenient than driving 1.5+ hours on I70. Also, when does Eldora usually open?


Thanks for any info,


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Pluses: it's 40 minutes from boulder
When we get an upslope, it may get a lot more snow than anywhere else

Minuses: the terrain is almost all flat and short
The wind
Tons of people
Gets much less snow than anywhere else

There's a reason most of us drive an extra 1,5 hrs each way.

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Eldo opens on Nov 16 (the friday before thanksgiving).


The drive is fine. Much more concerning is how people in Boulder (and really ... anywhere in CO below 7-8000 feet) drive whenever it snows in town. It's a madhouse. I don't understand it at all.


The canyon sometimes gets blocked by RTD buses that slide too much, but if you get up to Ned early enough it won't be a problem.


Eldo is small, but if you get the chance to go up during the week, it's empty and great. It's windy for sure, and the terrain is limited, but it's close to town and you get to avoid I70, which can definitely be worth it.


However, fair warning ... it's a zoo on the weekends. Like most places, it's find until around 1030-11, but after that, it's rather crowded. Later in the year, when the whole mountain is open, it's better, but the frontside especially is a zoo. The Corona and Indian Peaks area open up the mountain and have pretty decent terrain considering the size of the area.



Last year I skied 50-60 days at Eldo (mostly during the week). It's a fun little place, and if you get up there early enough, it's definitely worth it. You might also want to consider Loveland - it's only 1:30 from Boulder and passes are fairly inexpensive. You don't have to drive through tunnel, it's fairly uncrowded, and it's unpretentious, unlike almost everything further west on I70.

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If I lived in Boulder again I would buy a pass for Eldora. The ski areas in Summit County are more impressive, and I would ski there as well, but it is nice to have the option of a quick jaunt up to Eldora to ski part of the day before or after work, or on a day off when you don't feel like joining the I-70 traffic.

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When my daughter and her family lived in Denver/Northglenn I skied there a few times. I like it, but then again I'm from the East so I'm easy to please. Low key local area-fixed grip chairs, although I understand a detachable is in the plans. When it's all open, there are some nice glades. If there's snow the drive up the canyon can be slow, although no worse than I've seen I-70 some times.


We were out for Christmas last year and they had the most snow of any of the CO areas-skied there two days and didn't bother with the I-70 corridor. Now that the kids are in SLC, I can't see myself ever skiing there again, but if I was in the area I'd include it.


PS-I like Loveland too......... 

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I haven't been to Eldora since I left Boulder in 19900, so I don't know how much it has changed. I think it suffers by comparison to the more grandiose areas nearby, but it is still a very nice local mountain. I would much rather have a 45 min drive to Eldora than my current 1h45m drive to Ski Roundtop, Pennsylvania.


By the way, there's also a bus up to Eldora from Boulder.

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Thanks for the info everyone!


Mike I guess I keep hearing these i70 traffic horror stories from my friends who are already out there, so I have been looking for something closer in case I dont feel like dealing with traffic. I think they might not be getting up early enough to miss it though, but who knows. I still plan on visiting the bigger resorts, and I might buy a pass at loveland too.


Bruins14sammy - its nice to finally find someone who actually skis there! Its good advice to go early to avoid the bus traffic. I will be fighting the weekend crowds until early spring, as I wont have any vacation time built up at my new job. I am moving from the midatlantic, so I am hoping Colorado crowded isn't any worse than what I am used to.

Jeff your strategy is exactly what I have been thinking. I have been contemplating buying a pass at loveland as well, and I think I will since Eldora wont open until mid November. I have never skiied roundtop, but I have worked at wisp the last 2 years. I used to teach at snowshoe, and I would ride 7 springs a lot. Do you live around DC?


John, I am with you on SLC the resorts are so convenient! It would be really great if they added at detachable.

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Traffic depends on the time in the season and the quality of the season, as well as whether it is in the midst do a winter storm. Generally, traffic isn't too bad before January or after mid March. In between, unless you hit Floyd Hill by 6:45, you are likely to become acquainted with tail lights. Coming home Saturday evenings isn't too bad (unless there's a storm), but Sundays are a mess unless you leave the ski area before 2 or 1:30 or after 8.

Welcome to the benefits of cheap season passes and inadequate funding for transportation!

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