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going to park city 12/24 - 1/1.  was to pc last year in december and it was horrible.  what conditions can i reasonably expect for the last week of december in terms of available terrain and snow quality?  going with 3 sons (13,12, and 8).  would love some historical info from pc locals.  thanks

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I will again be working at a ski shop at Sun Peaks, with side trips in my truck camper to Whitewater, Red, Schweitzer in early or mid January depending on snow conditions. Since i will be driving through Revelstoke I might ski there as well depending on my work schedule.


I plan to do a few 2-3 day trips to Revy in Feb.


Castle Mountain and maybe Lake Louise on the way to the Gathering in March and Whitefish on the way back.


I will likely buy a Spring Pass for Lake Louise (good until early May) and ski there after the B.C. Interior resorts close in mid April.

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does work events count?  not a true vacation, but a damn good time and opm.


Jan 19-22 sante fe - family

jan 29-feb 2 - friends

feb 11-13 vail - work

feb 18-21 - work

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Planning to take my daughter to Summit County CO the last week of March for spring break. Staying in Frisco so we can ski Breck, Copper, Vail and ABasin. Hope the snow is still good.

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I'm a local who is happily staying home since it's the cheapest option.  :D

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I have decided to set a goal for 20 resorts in 6 states and 1 province for this season. About half of those resorts will be here in Salt lake and Ogden so it doesn't seem quite as crazy as it looks. A few will also be in Washington/British Columbia when I head back there in the late spring. I also am planning on skiing Grand Targhee, Telluride and Mt. Bachelor.

It should be fun to get out to a lot of new places, I will probably be looking for people to ski with at a lot of these resorts, especially the ones outside of Salt Lake. Hopefully I can be in touch with some of you.

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Last season I skied in 5 different states and even got a few pow days.  This year I am lapping the local hill due to season pass but I am hoping to do an AZ-NM-CO loop in February and hit Sippapu, Taos/Santa Fe, Wolf Creek, Durango or Tellu, and Sunrise (AZ).  My pass also gets me discounts at Monarch but it seems like it would be a bit out of the way compared to these other resorts.

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If all holds true, then this....


Skiing 2013:
- December 15/16 (SLC)
- Jan 19/20 (SLC)
- Feb 9/10 (SLC)
- Mar 2/3 (Tahoe)
- Mar 9/10 (Tahoe)
- Mar 25 to 29 (Big Sky)
The only ones up in the air are the January and February dates.  I might get lucky and do two weekends in Tahoe instead of one in SLC.  The February date is hopeful thinking.  The rest are scheduled and ready to rock!  Anyone interested in skiing with me those dates are more than welcome to come.
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Squaw Valley-Alpine Meadows February 24th - March 9th with a group of friends.  Also, living on Long Island, hopefully a few trips up to Vermont.  Killington, Stratton and Mad River if I head north.

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Family trip to Blackjack in Michigan spanning Christmas, three of us on patrol and thus we all ski for free. 


One of my friends said patrolling is the most expensive volunteer job you can have.  It's also the most fun and rewarding, at least where we patrol.


Winter is coming.

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Revelstoke in Feb...

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Season pass to Whitewater, BC. No reservations. 20cm rule applies.


Also, maybe, Red, Revelstoke, Schweitzer, Fernie, and, strangely, Winter Park, CO. Maybe. Nothing definite.


In late November, when many are skiing their local WROD, Whitewater will not be open and I will be in Mexico. Not skiing.

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Breck mid Jan, first time skiing USA!! biggrin.gif
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Bristol mountain N.Y

Holiday Valley N.Y.

Peak N Peak P,A

Seven Springs P.A

Blue Knob P.A

Perfect North IN

SLC, Utah : Powder Mtn-Snowbasin-DeerValley

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End of Jan trip to Gore, Whiteface, Jay, Stowe, Sugarbush and Killington

Feburary trip to NH, Sunday River and the Laof

March trip to Park City and Alta

Working on  Jackson

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Benefits of having your own place out in Colorado: Sudden trips when airfare is cheap!


I've booked another trip out to Colorado early December 6th through 9th.  Mainly skiing Beaver Creek while I'm out there, anyone else going to be out there the same time?

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Mustang Snowcat (you generally won't get in unless you reserve a year ahead) Feb. 23-25. I'll probably spend ~2 weeks in interior B.C. as in 2010 and plan the rest of the trip later.

I pushed the above dates later than in the past so I could go somewhere in the Alps late Jan/early Feb just before the Euro holidays. But nothing committed there yet.

My timeshare week at Snowbird's Iron Blosam is March 9-16. I may hang around Utah after that as Liz has some NYC friends coming out the next week.  I intended make a late call on whether to drive up to the March 25-29 Gathering at Big Sky from Utah.  Maybe make that call by March 1 in view of the attractive ticket deal.

The NASJA annual meeting is at Mammoth April 7-12. I can only hope it will duplicate the epic conditions of my first NASJA meeting there in 1999. , still my #1 day of lift served skiing. This TR was originally posted on the Southland Ski Server, which has been reorganized and recently appears to have lost its archives. :evil: Fortunately at the time of the reorganization I contacted the original webmaster and salvaged my own reports. :-)


Anything earlier than mid-January or later than mid-April will be Mammoth or SoCal local areas, along with some days between the big trips.  Mammoth usually makes it to Memorial Day, even in crappy years like last year.  Hopefully it will go later than that this year.

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OK I am coming off a couple years of hardly any skiing. 5 days 2 seasons ago, 8 days last season.  This year I am going for a minimum of 20 days! 


Booked so far:


12/17 - 12/20 or 21 depending on conditions is a Northern VT ski safari with my son and nephew.  Will start at Sugarbush as the kid is in school in Burlington and the nephew is in Plattsburgh.  


3/2 - 3/5 Northern VT Gathering MRG and Stowe!!!  Be great to see and ski with everyone again!


3/16 - 3/23 Big Sky  ( I may look into extending my stay to ski with bears at the gathering)


I am keeping a week open in either late January of Early February to ski with some friends it will either be a BC cat skiing trip or JH with some back country touring.


Plus I plan on staying flexible and hitting Jay Peak and Stowe when the snow flies and my band is going to book a gig at Burke that will involve lift tickets as partial compensation.


Talking about a long weekend in UT probably Powder Mountain and Snowbasin as we have a place to stay in Ogden.


It is going to be a very good season! 

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Whitefish the last week in March and Copper March 30th through April 6th if my son makes it to USASA nationals (I guarantee I will be his biggest fan this year  yahoo.gif).  Otherwise, my little bump on the earth here in Wisconsin will have to do.  Though, if you like snowboarding and are in southern Wisconsin, "Tyrol Basin's terrain park was named the Number 1 Midwest Park by the Transworld Snowboarding Magazine's reader's poll".

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Have spent 3 - 5 weeks skiing Summit and Eagle county for past ten years. You're making a HUGE mistake if you skip Copper
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My son is 9 and a good boarder for his age group so he has a shot at nationals.  I am hoping to get out there earlier for a weekend trip tied in to a work trip to Denver.  I will hit Copper or Loveland if I can.  I've been to Copper once and had a blast.  First time ever skiing bowls!

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January:  Will wait and see where the snow flies the next few weeks, or grab a cheap flight if I see one.


Feb: Summit County and Winter Park for SIA


March: Marquette, Michigan


April 1-7 Vail.  Anyone want to join us?  75+ of my "closest" friends.  Airfare, hotel, lift tix, ground transfers, parrrrty or two.  $1450 from Chicago.

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Originally Posted by agreen View Post

Im starting this thread for two reasons and is mainly geared for the non-locals who sadly only get a chance to ski one or a few places each year.


1. Just curious to see where y'all are headed

2. Maybe it can lead to a social gathering and a chance to share a few runs


(wasnt sure if this should be posted here or the gathering area)


Here's mine:

North Tahoe Jan 26-28 (Squaw/Alpine)

Alta March 3-5

Mammoth 1st week in April


I hope to meet some of you bears out on the slopes. Thanks in advance for posting.



If you come to Mt. Bachelor I'll ski with anyone!  :-)   I'm always there and easy to find.

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Utah Jan. 25-Feb. 2, Utah mar. 9-24, perhaps early December Utah if enough snow falls, also considering Whistler in April. Hoping for some powder days this year. They were in short supply last year. 

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Great thread, but it makes me feel poor!  Jeez.  I'm impressed by the number of destination trips peeps are taking.

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I ski a lot of weekends because I tack on a couple of days to business trips I have.  Luckily those business trips are in places that are much closer to ski destinations than Atlanta, GA.  If anything, don't let my trips fool you.  These other guys are the rich ones.

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Hey there!!!! So far I have...


Nov 10-12: Keystone

Nov 22-25: Beaver Creek

Dec 8-9: Beaver Creek

Dec 28 - Jan 1: ?????? (probably BC)

Feb 9-10: BC


I still have MLK weekend and Pres Day weekend to plan. Then, since we live in Denver, there's a lot of one-day trips between now and spring  yahoo.gif

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Originally Posted by Maui Steve View Post

Utah Jan. 25-Feb. 2, Utah mar. 9-24, perhaps early December Utah if enough snow falls, also considering Whistler in April. Hoping for some powder days this year. They were in short supply last year. 


Steve, you should consider flying over and ski together with us (for example) Portes-du-Soleil for a week and than finish by skiing La Grave and La Vallee Blanche at Chamonix. That would be nice :-) Bring Vince with ya!

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Dirk, I like your example.Say hello to Daphne and Hubert. Some day, I will get to your side of the pond. 

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Late December:  Taos

FIrst Week January:  Winter Park/Mary Jane

First Week February: Snowmass

March (spring break):  Taos

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