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For those of you that have ski passes, how do you carry it for display to the lifties? What do you like or dislike about it? I've seen some arm bands  and some that you put in a placard and around the neck - what's best and why? I've also seen some jackets that have a built-in window but mine doesn't. My child has a difficult time getting the pass out of her jacket.


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Always put it on my pants ... tuck it into waist/snow skirt/whatever for most of day, pull it out at liftline. Much easier for me than unzipping my jacket and pulling it out of there. I never liked wearing it around my neck.

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Last year we noticed several kids wrapping the pass strap around the goggle strap. We did this for part of the season and it worked great. We then found a pass holder that attached to the goggle strap which worked great also. We bought it from We tried armband holders but they would break and made our arms cold. I hope this helps, it did for us.

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I have it tied to one of my hip pockets.  The elastic that tightens the base of the coat is inside the pocket.  I tie it to the neck lanyard they give us.  I zip up the pocket so that only the pass is dangling out.  Doesn't flap in my face.  I wish they would give us armbands, but not enough to use the old one from my old ski area.  

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I have two passes for different areas.  One is kept in a window built into the zipper overlap of my Marmot parka; just flip it over and the pass is visible, no digging around.  The other is a RFID card that never leaves the sleeve pocket where it is stored since it's read automatically at the lift without having to be visible.

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VR's epic pass is in the shape and size of a credit card. they use RFID. So I just keep the card in my jacket pocket.

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We went to armbands. they were cheap cheap. But they were a little too big for the kids' arms. (would slide off especially when jackets removed at lunch, so they were put around their legs just above the knee. Never had trouble with them breaking. (Velcro sticks great)/


The goggle strap thing seems like a good idea too.


my previous jacket had a window pocket inside at the the bottom which i could just flip up. but the clear plastic of the window would reflect the light and make scanning the pass a pain, so I abandoned using it.

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The goggle strap pocket worked great for my kids. It was always attached to their goggles so we never forgot them. The pass was also at the height of the lift operator so they never had to bend down to look for the pass. We tried the armbands but the kids complained about their arms getting cold. One of them broke and we lost the pass.

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