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as an Orange County lad, if my Sox ain't in it...

Go Angels!!!!!!!
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Git Out The Way, We Comin' Through.
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Since the Giants can't play the Dodgers in the World Series I guess beating the Angels will be the next best thing.
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Need to get there first.
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The Giants are in......what do you want to bet? We could bet stunts like I'll ski Big Coulier at Big Sky in an Angels shirt if the Angels win...what would you do? Or we could bet something saner like bottles of wine. Montana doesn't have any decent wines but I have quite a few from my former home, Southern Oregon.
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I'm game. Bottles of wine is an idea. Or, how's this, you take a fine California wine if the Giants win - right - and all I want in return is the cheesiest Big Sky knickknack you can lay your mitts on, like a lighter, something like that. Coffee mug would be cool. Keychain, whatever. (Doesn't HAVE to be Big Sky; any Montana mountain'll do, come to think of it. Bridger Bowl wouldn't be bad. I'm sure you'll find the appropriate item.
See ya in Round 1 Saturday.
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Ryan -

You're on. Big Sky has cheesier stuff than Bridger Bowl. If you want obscure, I can pick you up something from Discovery or Showdown. If you don't really have a preference you're going to get something from Big Sky.

[ October 15, 2002, 07:36 AM: Message edited by: Rio ]
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That, like, so works.
And, in the event California does crack and fall into the sea, and the Larges win, I imagine dchan will be of considerable assistance toward finding the California grape juice that most suits your palate. Or you might have something in mind yourself.
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This is the wine I was planning on betting (I can find it cheaper back in Ashland, OR). It is different & really good. Abacela Tempranillo Instead, you're most likely going to end up with something adorned with a moose skiing in the unlikely event the Angels actually beat the Giants.
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And here I was taking you for a Boone's Farm kinda guy.
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You get sick enough times on Boone's Farm in college and pretty soon you just can't drink that stuff anymore. I've had to switch to 40oz. malt liquor for my cheap thrills.
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Not a bad first two games.
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This might go down to the last at bat in the seventh game at this rate. But first we have to see how the Angels respond to the cool, damp air of Pac-Bell Park.
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Rio, let me know if you need size information.

[ October 23, 2002, 07:01 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Let's Go Giants!!!
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If you're out shopping today why don't you take a little time & pick out the wine that Ryan is going to have to buy me. A good Merlot would be nice.
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1999 Duckhorn, Napa Valley would be nice. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Spent the day in Napa today.

Got home just in time to catch the last few innings
Guess it's going to Game 7.

Eitherway it's been a great season and very fun world series.

Go Giants!

[ October 26, 2002, 10:21 PM: Message edited by: dchan ]
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I should have known the Giants would lose game 6. said the Giants were dead and the series was over after Tuesday's game. The Giants went on to win the next two games. Friday they said the Angels were dead and the series was over. I hope they predict the Giants will lose today because they've been wrong about both the Giants & Angels the entire post-season.
post #20 of 24 about a meltdown. Losing to the poor sibling of the LA Dodgers is too much to bear. What has this world come to? I think I'll go back to watch English Premiere League Soccer.
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Oops, no "Nexts" left to Next.

Mr. River,

You will find nestled in your PM box my mailing address for the purpose of receiving my own little piece of Montana. Unless, of course, you plan to be in Utah, in which case I'll take delivery there. (Be early, a line is forming.)
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Congratulations! During Saturday's SF meltdown, I was at a party in Manhattan and about 30 guys were crowded around a TV watching the comeback, cheering on the Angels. Since the Giants' departure out of the Bronx 50 years ago, we hate 'em.

I'll be watching for Ryan today, who, I'm sure, will be strategically positioned along some strip mall in Anaheim, watching his team march through.
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I'm the guy in red.
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Ryan -

No definitive plans to attend the Utah gathering but weather & schedule permitting I might drive down and show off my crud skiing skills honed from decades of skiing West Coast mashers in foggy conditions. You'll probably receive your trickets in December or January.
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