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When to buy a heavenly season pass

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Hi all,


I was wondering when to get a season pass for heavenly?  I'll by flying over in mid feb for about 6 days skiing. A six day pass is $516 and a season pass is $459. 


Will it still be $459 in february or do i have to lock in now?


Also being from the UK I'm not used to seeing prices quoted excluding tax (very confusing , do all you yanks carry a calculator!), so do these prices include tzx and if not roughly how much it that?




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Welcome to Epic


It will NOT be available in Feb...buy now as prices tend to go up the longer you wait (with either no season pass or a huge price jump sometime after mid-Nov to mid-Dec


Tax is not automatically included in most products, but season passes either include it or don`t have it as I don`t remember having to pay additional.

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Originally Posted by bluebaron55 View Post

Hi all,


 I'll by flying over in mid feb for about 6 days skiing. A six day pass is $516 and a season pass is $459. 



Presidents weekend, one of the busiest of the year, is mid Feb, so be aware of black out dates on the season pass


Blackout Dates
Heavenly, Northstar, Kirkwood restricted: 11/23 – 11/24/2012, 12/26 – 12/31/2012, 1/19/2013, 2/16- 2/17/2013.

$50 pass holder tickets available for purchase during blackout dates at Heavenly, Northstar and Kirkwood.


If you are coming with a group, and it is not during the blackout dates, it might make sense to only get passes for a few and use ski with a friend tix for the rest 

Additional Tickets

- Six (6) Ski-With-A-Friend (SWAF) varying discount tickets are automatically loaded onto your


Daily SWAF prices are likely around $85-$90 in Feb, but check their site.

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to be clear 16 + 17 Feb are blacked out on the Tahoe local pass (I know you guys put the day before the month) 

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Thanks folks,


Yes I saw the presidents weekend blackout so i'll spend a few days in San Fran and drive up on the sunday evening. As this is a family holiday (2 adults 3 children) then I guess the SWAF option may be worth looking at. I could book 2 adult and 1 child pass now and use SWAF for the other 2 children?


I would have thought that the season pass would reduce as it would be half way through the season buy never mind.


The 2012/13 prices for SWAF are not available yet does anyone know last years? I see the child pass is $219 thats works out at $36.50 a day. will that be about right for SWAF (child). If not i'll get the pass.


Thanks Again.



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based on last 2 years, there will be a huge increase likely in middle of december.   The business model is to reward the early pass buyers, and lock out those who procrastinate (similar to travel booking)


To be more precise, they will even say Epic passes no longer for sale, and you have to buy a differently named "all-resort Vail pass" for $1500+ or so.

This happened even with the low snow coverage last year, and not many people on the slopes, so this business model will not change no matter how the weather and season goes.


SWAF for child is going to be much higher than 36.50/day.  You can expect It will only be $10-$15 discount on a regular price, and less for a child.  In fact, I do not know if they will even have a SWAF for child discount, and SWAF may only apply to adult tickets (i don't remember)


Another option to consider is that if your lodging is not set yet, you can get often get a good package deal if you book through Heavenly Vacations bundling your passes and lodging together.  These vacation deals are actually something that is dynamic, so you may need to call and discuss with their vacation agents, and they might not have the best deals for February available now.   Especially if you are going to ski on blackout days, this maybe an option as vacation deals will be regular unrestricted tickets.   


Other than Heavenly vacations bundling in lodging, there are no real other avenues to obtain significantly discounted lift tickets. (If you are a high roller gambler, you can get tickets from the casinos from which you have status, but really it's the casino's concierge subsidizing you to come gambling)


If you have detail questions, I suggest you call the season pass office or the Vacations bookings departments to get the info from the source.

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I think Raytseng accurately covered most of it but will add that if you are considering lessons, especially for the kids, that getting a ticket with a lesson is not much more than the lesson only...rental skis can also be added http://www.skiheavenly.com/ski-and-ride-school/kids-ski-school/kids-ski-and-ride-school.aspx#ski#Top


There are multi day and 5 pack options also.


The other thing to consider is if you or someone in the family will want to take a day off or go to another resort (besides Northstar or Kirkwood which should be on the same pass/ticket).  Heavenly has some of the best Lake views around, but a place like Homewood offers better discounts and has a different perspective (closer to the Lake so it feels like you are skiing into a part of the Lake rather looking at the whole lake from afar...it is a decent length drive, maybe 45 minutes, but it is a pretty drive around the Lake)

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Thanks for your advice

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