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Hey Chowds

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Don't despair, the Sox are still in the hunt for the playoffs. Seriously.

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I'm sick and tired of hearing New York this and Boston that. Somebody needs to take the time and say something intellegent like:

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Quick someone give the Chowds the heimlich....too late.
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OK, go ahead and gloat - but I predict that the World Series matchup will be Atlanta vs. Oakland! You read it here first(?)!
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Two twenty game winners, the top three pitchers in the AL in ERA, a 40 save guy, the AL batting champ, another in the top 10, ~92 wins and no playoffs yet again.

Oakland does look like they could knock off the Yankees this year. At least that would make me happy. Go Pats.
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Well, its official.
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I say it's gonna be the battle of the Bay.
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