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Paul Frank Skis??

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So I'm looking to get into skiing after snowboarding for many years and then taking a couple years off. I'm still in university so money is tight and I'm having difficulty finding appropriate skiis in the local classifieds. I'm trying to spend less than $500 so it's a bit difficult, especially since I prefer to buy quality stuff that lasts me a long time. I'm 5'9", 145 lbs beginner. I tried skiing last year and picked it up real quick and I also picked snowboarding up quick so I'm fairly confident I'll be a decent intermediate reasonably soon. For this reason I don't want to get stuck with crappy beginner equipment I need to upgrade right away.


Long story short I found these Paul Frank Julius Wave SW 161 cm skis over at They are $180 and even better level nine offers $19 total shipping to Canada which is a really big deal considering it normally costs over a $100 from other sites. Problem is I have no idea if these skis are any good. All I can tell is they are manufactured/distributed by SnowFab who also makes/distributes Klint skis and that apparently SnowFab is experienced in producing skis and make them in Japan/China. I understand they aren't going to be the best but they seem like good skis that will last past the beginner stage and I can trash without worry.


The other reason I liked the skis is they say they are versatile park skis. I'm not a big groomed run person and like exploring off the beaten trail and doing trail runs but also want something I can learn to do some park riding in. Going by the description the skis sound like a decent fit and the 161cm seems like somewhat short but acceptable going off the tutorial on this site.


Any opinions if this would be a good strategy for someone getting into freeski without breaking the bank? What I really want is a pair of Lib Tech's Wreckreate NAS but that's life.





Sorry this was so long, I kind of got carried away and I'll be surprised if anyone actually reads it all but if you also have an impression of the Salomon SPK 90 Alpine Ski Boot 2011/12. That would be great too. Seems to have great reviews on the net and get the job done for what I need.


Thanks for your help in advance

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I remember seeing these skis on last year. I'm sure they are decent enough. What I'm not sure about is the waist width of the Frank's at 73mm. Since you said you aren't a big groomer run person perhaps you might like something a little wider with a rockered tip and tail. The Frank is a full camber ski - great for groomed snow. Also the Lib Tech's are 92-95mm waisted skis. So if that is the ski you want I don't think the Paul Frank is a good comparison.  Just my 2 cents tho. 

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Thanks for the reply. I forgot to consider the waist width, that's a good point. I think I might keep looking, while the lib tech's are what I'm looking for, they are 3-4 times the price and if I could get by on the Frank's for a couple seasons then I could upgrade (assuming I'll have a job by then smile.gif). Thanks again.

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If I am correct these are made by Rossi.
But I agree they aren't the right ski for you.
Get something that is around 90mm underfoot.
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