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Descente Passport 2012 - 2013

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Hi Everyone!  Looks like Descente is again offering a ski pass booklet with the purchase of one of their Passport jackets.  Has anyone taken advantage of this?  Looks like the number of participating mountains (passes) is down to 32 this year.  Not as good as previous years but still a good deal.



Alpine Meadows                                 CA

Alta Ski Area                                        UT

Angel Fire Resort                               NM

Big Bear Mountain / Snow Summit    CA

Boyne Mountain / Boyne Highlands MI

Bretton Woods                                   NH

Brundage Ski Resort                          ID

Canyons                                              UT

Gore Mountain                                    NY

Hidden Valley                                     PA

Homewood                                          CA

Hunter Mountain                                 NY

Indianhead                                          MI

Jay Peak                                              VT

Mission Ridge                                    WA

Mt. Lacrosse                                        WI

Nashoba Valley Ski Resort                MA

Shanty Creek                                      MI

Shawnee Peak                                    ME

Solitude                                               UT

Sundance                                            UT

Trollhaugen Ski Resort                      WI

Wachusett Mountain                          MA

Whitefish Mountain                            MT

Whiteface Lake Placid                        NY

Banff Mount Norquay                         BC

Big White                                             BC

Canadian Olympic Park                     AB

Hockley Valley Resort                        ON

Silver Star                                            BC

Panorama Mountain                           AB

Sun Peaks Resort                               BC

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Has anyone seen any good deals for the Jackets or Pants?


Last year I picked up a his and hers Passport Jacket for about 20-25% off while in Utah.  The full price was about $320.

I found the discount on the Ski Utah iPhone app.


The pants were less than $200 but I didnt buy those.


Has anyone seen any good discounts for this year?


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Hey does anyone know if they are all full vouchers or are there some bogo-s, too? I got hoodwinked last year with a bogo and hoping that there are all full lift tickets this year. Sad that they are down to 32, what gives?!

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Hi.  If anyone wants to trade some, I'm interested in the CA tickets (Alpine, Homewood, Big Bear).  PM me!

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Originally Posted by naomiami View Post

Hey does anyone know if they are all full vouchers or are there some bogo-s, too? I got hoodwinked last year with a bogo and hoping that there are all full lift tickets this year. Sad that they are down to 32, what gives?!


These programs are limited to the (in this case) mountains that want to participate. If a mountain chose not to continue the relationship it could be a number of reasons not limited to...It didn't bring any new business in, it was used too much, a new marketing person, limiting 2/1 ticket options, abuse (such as swapping tickets on forums wink.gif)  or any number of reasons. Really, not uncommon with programs like this, it could go UP next year. 

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Of the 32 lift tickets, I see only 2 that are Buy One Get One Free:



     Sun Peaks Resort


The other 30 are just a Free Lift Ticket.

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If I had one for the East I would trade you for the Mission Ridge ticket.

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Hey Everyone! 


Thanks to all those who traded last year!  I purchased 2 Coats again this year, so I have two of everything to trade.  I am looking for:




Alpine Meadows




in that order.


Send me a PM or email me at skidaly@gmail.com

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Just purchased mine today.  Is this essentially the only thread for the jacket and passport?  3 of my friends and I just bought ours,  so 4 total that we can do some trades for.  Looking for Utah, and new york/vt/new hampshire areas. Looking to get rid of California, BC, Alberta or any other areas (I figure those are the big ones).  PM me if interested. 

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I can trade CA. for Utah, Vt or CO.

Email me at JeriJannicelli@gmail.com


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Do the pants (only) also qualify? I only see reference to the jackets in the details on their site. I need new pants but I'm good on jackets.

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Looking for Alta & Canyons.
I have everything else to trade.

Email me: bmichaelcurrie@gmail.com
Or text me: 954-444-6077


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i am also looking for alta and canyons. but i think most everyone is lol.
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Hi all, I am looking for passes for the Northeastern US. I just purchased the jacket so if you are interested in swapping, please send me an email at shaun@imatts.com


Wachusett, Bretton Woods, Nashoba Valley and Jay Peak


I have a full Passbook so let me know...



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OK I bought my pants.


I will trade any for your Alta, Solitude, Hunter or Gore Mountain.


Will trade my Canyons for your Alta.

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Hey guys I have a question. My pants finally arrived but there is no passport voucher book with them. Is the voucher book supposed to actually come with the pants / jacket or do you need to have it mailed to you by Descente?

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Can someone help me out? I haven't been able to get through to the online retailer where I bought them all day (not confident they will even know what I am talking about). Wondering if I got screwed. I want to avoid returning these if possible. I am a short inseam and those are out of stock in my size every where else.



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if you bought it from a licensed retailer, go straight through descente and explain your situation.  Tell them how the retailer isn't responding in any way. 

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I contacted Descente. They told me the Passport only comes with the jackets and not the pants.


"I will forward this on to our marketing director.  If anything, perhaps in the future, it needs to be stated differently to limit the confusion."


I will be returning the pants so I can use the money for lift tickets. I don't need a jacket. I will just wear my old pants.

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Hey everyone,


Thanks to those who have traded so far.  I am still looking to trade some more.  I am also wondering if anyone would like to send me their Solitude 2 for 1 in return for some good karma.  I figure since it is just a 2 for 1 most people won't use it.  Let me know, skidaly@gmail.com.





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Hey Folks - 


I am seriously contemplating buying one of these jackets solely for the free vouchers as I don't need a new jacket. But I was curious first if someone could tell me whether or not there are any blackout dates for the Boyne Mountain/Highlands pass in MI. I already know of a couple trips I will be making up there and if I could trade enough vouchers the jacket would be cheaper than buying a lift ticket every time. 




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The Boyne Mt / Boyne Highlands voucher does not seem to indicate any blackout dates or other restrictions.
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Hi Everyone,


I'm still looking for some Wachusett vouchers.  Please let me know if you have any.




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Hey everyone. I just purchsed a jacket today and have the full booklet available if anyone want's to purchase them (or trade, need Vail/Beaver Creek). PM me!

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Scuba - 


I was not aware that Vail or Beaver Creek were in the Passport Vouchers this year??

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Vail and Beaver are not in the passport book this year. That is where I am heading Feb 1. - Feb.6 and I was looking for discount tix. I have the whole book for sale if any one is interested. Let me know.



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Anybody interested in buying the whole booklet off of me? Maybe $75?

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Whats up all you deal hounds!  I'm an east coast skiier and my buddy and I have passports.  We're down to trade away anything thats not in NY/VT/NH/ MA/ ME and BC.




or text me



And is anyone using the BC ones for a ski vacation this year?  We're trying to do that but its just two of us.  It'd be fun to split a sick rental truck with some other people and hit all the BC areas.  I saw they have 300 dollar heli skiing at Panorama in BC which sounds like dying and going to heaven.


We're from Portsmouth NH and are going to VT this weekend and NY in two weeks if any ski maniacs want to carpool.



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Anyone willing to sell a Hunter or Windham ticket?  I'd be looking for a pair if possible.

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