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Helmet Cams

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Anyone know a good camera to use as a helmet cam...I have a portable digital recorder..just need a camera to put on my lid...was thinking about modifying a security camera ty thing..
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I know that viosport was handling just the helmet unit last year. I think that they had a few different models. Not sure of their web site, but I'm sure if you do a search you can find them......
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Checkout www.helmetcamera.com

I currently use a Canon Elura for my handheld video picture taking. It easily fits in my jacket pocket and has taken the abuse of the steeps and deeps around Valdez, AK.

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Check out http://www.customvideocameras.com

That's where we get all of our helmet cams that we use for TGR stuff.

Owens Never Sleeps http://www.tetongravity.com
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I mounted a round universal mount like the top of a tripod with a quick release on top of my boeri helmit & used a sony trv 11 mini dv but most camcorders with steady shot would work. bteddy
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I found three separate threads on helmet cams over the last year. All looks like interesting info.

The place Owens points at probably has great equipment but it's a little pricie for me. And I'm not that interested in mounting the camcorder on top of my head.

I'm interested in any feedback people who have used the camera available from helmetcamera.com or sportzshot.com might have. I would ski with my Sony TRV-950 in a backpack and mount the camera pickup either on my goggles or to my helmet. And carry the wireless remote control in a pocket. Any comments regarding experience with mounts and mounting methods would be appreciated.
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