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Mt. Evans bike ride--join in!

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Hey Colorado Bears--if anyone is interested in a great finale to your bike riding season, a bunch of us plan to ride up Mt. Evans next week--Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (Sept 25-26-27), whichever comes first with good weather. (Weather is significant on this climb to over 14,000 feet--especially this time of year--on the highest continuously paved road in the country, if not the world).

If anyone would like to join us, please drop me a PM. It's an all-day thing, and we'll have a group of riders of widely ranging abilities, so anyone who wants a good ride where you know you've done something, don't be afraid! We may or may not have car-support--but if anyone wants to drive instead of riding, then we certainly WILL have car support.... Join us!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Forecast is good--looks like Wednesday should be a go! See you there, Pinhed--9:30am at the Ranger Station in Idaho Springs, 28 miles from the summit!

Anyone else?

Apparently I've scared away the rest of the Bears....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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If I wasn't this far away I would be there, but just out of interest is it for mountain bikes and/or road bikes and what will be your total vertical ascent?


PS You might be interested in this .....

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Mt Evans hill climb

The Mt. Evans Hillclimb was run for the first time in 1962. Over the last 40 years the race has been held 37 times. July 27th's event will be the 38th running of the event. The race was cancelled two times due to snow and one time when the Race Director was working in Atlanta at the 1996 games.

The race was renamed in 1981 in honor of five-time race winner Bob Cook, who died of cancer at the age of 23. The race is a climber's delight and the scenery cannot be beat by any other place in the world. Riders meet all kinds of indiginous Colorado animals including Mountain Goats and sheep as well as an occasionaly marmot along the climb as well as run into all kinds of weather.

The event has been sponsored by The Denver Spoke and The Handlebar and Grill Restaurant for the past several years. Riders come from all over the United States and in the past the race has had riders from France, Switzerland, Germany, and Australia compete. The age range of the participants is from 9 to 85 years of age. The race is also supported by any individuals in the Colorado cycling community who help marshal, drive support, officiate and work the picnic. The race includes categories for all levels of racing and encourages riders who are not racers to try their hand at challenging the highest paved road in the United States.

The race starts at 7,540 feet in front of the Idaho Springs High School and proceeds to Echo Lake where the race turns and climbs to the summit (14,264 feet.). An average of 600 riders compete each year.

Bob Cook held the course record from 1975-1980. The first three years he held the record he was a junior. The present record holder is Mike Engleman, set in 1992 with a time of 1:45:30. The Senior Women's course record is held by Jeannie Longo from France with a time of 1:59.19. The climb is 28 miles in length.
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Wow--great information, Pinhed!

DangerousBrian--as Pinhed has pointed out, it's about 7000 vertical feet of climbing over 28 miles, ending on top of one of Colorado's famous 14,000+ foot peaks, high above the treeline. It is all paved, and not terribly steep (about 5% gradient on the average, considerably steeper in a few spots), so road bikes are preferred. Mountain bikes would certainly work too, though, ideally with slick road tires to reduce rolling resistance. Depending on your mood, those lower gears might be welcome!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Quick follow-up report on the Mt. Evans ride:

What a ride we had! It was a gorgeous, sunny fall morning when we left Idaho Springs at about 10 am. And the weather STAYED great, all the way to the top, if you don't count the blizzards and brutal, gusty cold winds we pedaled through from about 11,000 feet to the 14,000 foot summit! Pedaling around the many switchbacks into the headwind nearly stopped me, several times. But all eight riders who started out made it to at least within sight of the observatory on the top, and everyone made it back with smiles! Unfortunately, the weather was just a little too severe for a couple of the less-heavily-dressed riders, who turned around just a mile or so from the top, after 27 miles of continuous climbing.

The mountain goats and marmots, in full winter coat, looked comfortable up there in the windswept high alpine moonscape of Mt. Evans. But I don't think the same could be said of most of the cyclists!

A hard ride, but I think everyone would agree--it was well worth it, and will count as a highlight of the summer!

I do think we may have picked the first day of winter, rather than the last day of summer. That evening it snowed hard, and it was still snowing in the morning all the way down in Silverthorne--we had an inch or two on the ground at my house. Copper Mountain started its snowmaking on that day as well. Time to scrape the summer wax off those skis and get ready! (You did wax your skis for the summer, didn't you?)

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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It certainly was a ride worth repeating. Next year it'd be nice to see more Bears.

Hey SCSA, it's the perfect opportunity to remove the cobwebs from your De Rosa. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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